Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Universal Law

There is a tide in the affairs of man, when taken at its crest, leads on to fortune. I personally believe that, at least subconsciously, there is an awareness of the gearbox or the timing involving man and our closest satellite, the Moon.
Every day that God has created sees the procession of stars across the vault of the sky; they have followed the same path through the heavens, tracing the immutability of the cosmos and its constellations, which have spoken to the wise since the beginning of time. This work will explain in detail the subtle energy produced by the Moon's passage through the twelve houses and signs of the Zodiac. These houses govern the twelve facets of our life, and the rhythms of our cycles, our emotions, finances, consciousness, home, children, career, friends, wishes, fears, love, personality and all that goes to make up our sorrows and joys. Depending on the mystical rhythm of the Moon and her relationship harmonious or discordant to the constellations and houses of the sky over which they rule, she will govern our human activity and give birth to our vices and virtues. The infinite and concealed dance of the Moon through the Zodiac is far from affecting only you, but all of us. You are a "microcosm" or a child of the Universe and there is reason for you to be. You are a part of this incredible physical and spiritual structure called a "macrocosm."
Sir Isaac Newton wrote "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." We are what we think, having become what we thought. This statement emphasizes that for every thought or action there will be an effect. This is what I call the "Universal Law," the causes and effects of the yin and yang recognized as the law of KARMA. The Moon is, by herself quite responsible for much of our and the world's fate. By the tracking of the Universal Law and using Starguide, you will be allowed to see this lunar impact and reaction every day of your life. Obviously, the waxing and waning periods of our closest satellite will produce the daily process of tides. Thusly, women will have a spiritual and physical manifestation (menstruation), and all of us will be responding subconsciously to the words "lunatic/moody." Without opposite forces at work there would be no reaction thus any life possible on both the spiritual and physical plane. To my knowledge, our so-called "dead" satellite is very much alive, and much more than a rock hanging above our heads. She is a vital part of a Divine celestial design; she is the beating heart of the earth. Vigilantly observing her whereabouts will aid understanding the real psychology of man.
I always said, The Moon is a little more than a dead rock hanging above our head just for the sake of beauty. I just hope that, in the future, the psychology field would also invest a little more and do some research on the subtle forces generated by the moon and how, her passage through the Zodiac really affects the human psyche.
For instance, a soul born with a feminine moon in a water sign such as Pisces will be extremely susceptible to the moon fluctuations. Especially if the soul inherited a negative moon sitting right on the Dragons Tail and is not aware of it. Or in some case the moon is badly aspected by Saturn, the Lord of depression. Now; the unaware psychiatrist or psychologist does not know about the 28 days cycle of the moon and its direct impact on his patients psyche. Hence, he or she will be classify as a manic depressive disorder and comes once a month (victimized by the waning moon) in need of more destructive anti depressants. Chances are Neptune now hooks the soul and will soon become addicted to the prescription drug. Thus the oblivious doctor will use the manic depressive and empower the powerful and expansive insurance and drug industry. In the name of ignorance, slowly but surely the patient loses herself in the quick sands of Neptune while the doctor, the insurance and the pharmaceutical industry benefits. This is happening now to millions of children and yours could be the next victim unless we stop this nightmare soon.
The Changing face of the Moon was revered and understood by the ancients as an aspect of the feminine and idolized as the Lady of the Night who ruled over fertility and magic. Your awareness of the Moon's passage through the Zodiac will enable you to discover a basic structure of energy patterns that underlies the changes and circumstances of your life. This is, indeed, the purpose of a good astrologer, and his main objective is to reveal an order or meaning beneath or within what often appears to be a random or chaotic situation. The Moon's passage through the housing system is one expression of the archetypal structure we call a cycle. While many of the formally educated scientists have lost their cosmic consciousness, it has still remained hidden within astrological values and basic astrological foundations. BY visiting my site www/ and read both your free daily or monthly forecast you will soon find the incredible values of predictive astrology when practiced properly.
All of the signs of the Zodiac, the twelve houses, and the numerous astrological aspects are based upon God's higher order in the established, interstellar cycle. Their subtle meanings are derived from a particular place or function to each other, and all operate within the ordered cycle as a whole. Our lives unfold according to our specific cyclic pattern, interacting with the Universal cycle. Discerning the Universal Mind at work is difficult; those gifted at birth will naturally understand the cosmic mind, using their inborn, intuition and objective mental tools. However, when properly educated, anyone can learn to further his cosmic consciousness and realize his close relationship with God and the Universe. It often starts with a willingness to expand the consciousness, and the simple realization that what cannot be seen or touched doesn't mean it is non-existent. That's what makes a real scientist and a true intelligent person is respecting the essence of the word investigation! Sadly enough, the majority of these educated souls fears the ridicule and may also take the risk of experiencing abandonment by their peers or churches. Those methodical scholars will never be able to penetrate the spiritual domain of the stars in my research. Those scholastically oriented souls are plagued at birth with a limited view and conception of the unknown. Usually a weak planet Mercury (the mind), a phlegmatic Uranus (inquiry) in an unassuming earth sign (rationale) becomes the logical reason for the inability to reach a higher level of understanding. The mind resembles a nutshell that inherited a common astrological formation and deprives the soul to experience a highly cosmic reality. To them, the moon is nothing else than a dead satellite orbiting around the earth with no more purpose than to produce the daily tides.
The obvious structure of the Moon's cycle is derived from the fact that it consists of a beginning, middle and an end. Thus, the monthly lunar cycle suggests by observation that it is divided into two halves. During the first half, the movement is outward, as our close satellite travels away from the area of space occupied by the Sun. As this happens, the powerful light of the Sun increases, "waxing" (positive) on the white face of the Moon. The turning point is symbolized by the Full Moon; it reverses motion. The Moon begins to approach the Sun as the reflected light on its surface "wanes" (negative), until they meet again at the New Moon (new start). Halfway between the New Moon and the Full Moon, we notice another important division point where light and darkness are equal on the moon's surface. At the first waxing quarter, the light is increasing, while at the last waning quarter, it is decreasing. These simple astronomical observations can only provide the scientist's mind with knowledge for interpreting the physical lunar cycle's phase. Now if the positive cannot be without the negative, and knowing that it takes two for anything to be, then the scientist should be able to "investigate" the intuitional domain. There is so much behind this "lunar manifestation," I began to feed my own critical observations.
As a child, I always thought of the moon to be something much more than a frigid white globe orbiting around the earth. Many times in the darkness of the night, I found myself staring at her, wondering about her hidden power. She is the swiftest of the planets, passing through the 12 signs of the zodiac in about 28 days. I knew that sooner or later, I was to uncover her subtle way and find some of the answers. To me, all those stars in the night sky, shining above my head, were more than beautiful luminaries to light the way in the dark of the night. It does, however, take more than the five regular senses to tap into her subtle manifestation upon our psyche and life in general. Nothing happens randomly in the universe, and the timely return in full each month surely indicates an ultimate order. Month after month, I patiently watched her becoming New and Full, and I learned my first and one of the most important lessons in metaphysics: "The undiluted truth is not to be found inside my limited world, but in others and the Universal mind."
Being so close to the earth, the Moon's magnetic pull (gravitational force) is so great, that she is solely responsible for the daily process of the tides. Therefore, curiosity, observation and comparison became the key elements to promote my cosmic consciousness. As I met her, becoming full and new, month after month, I slowly began to understand her powers. By constantly watching my environment, friends and family members, she began to speak about her clearly visible impact and astute control over man's psyche. As the years went by, I realized her uncompromising role over the sea, and I became more aware of her powerful impact on our daily affairs. I made notes day after day, week after week and month after month, realizing the consequences of ignoring or adapting to her passage through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Later on, I learned that the farmers of the past followed her fluctuations for the betterment of their crops.
Then I carefully put my observations to test in my life and the lives of those around me. I did not take long to realize that by respecting the Universal Law, my life became much more productive. Her positive and negative effect on man's emotions, actions and reactions became so obvious to me that I decided to make a full-time job telling others about her. As I watched the news in times of a full Moon, I understood why people became destructive, "lunatic," eccentric, moody and psychopathic. I then named it the Uncompromising Universal Law. Since then, as a professional Divine Astrologer, wherever I am needed, I am teaching the value of this simple and valuable knowledge.
When you first learned how to drive a car, you were carefully introduced to the rules of the road. You learned that you must stop at a red light or follow a road sign, as your very life depends on your doing so. These are the codes that you have learned, and they must be respected anywhere you happen to be in the world. Following established rules will take you safely wherever you have to go. Sadly enough, too many people do not respect these rules, and innocent people have died accidentally. Awareness, knowledge and respect of these rules are desperately needed. However, the spiritual rules established by God, written in the constellations, have been misplaced. Only a minority is aware of the impact produced by the moon, and the rest, the majority of us are completely ignorant of these Divine rules. The result is seen during a Full Moon and each time the moon is crossing a destructive sign. This lack of awareness turns into a formidable chaos, producing despair, drug addiction, depression, violence, criminal behavior . . . and the list goes on and on. Know that ignoring either the physical or spiritual rules will lead any one of us to pay a heavy penalty.
So-called "holy wars" have plagued man all through the ages. Ignorance and fear cast aside the real Universal message. To my mind, the millions of deaths produced by continuous religious wars all around the world were a good example of the destructive power of fanaticism. I realized that everyone's relationship to God or many gods was deeply personal and that no two people feel the same way about it. My great mother taught me that God is love, beauty, education, responsibility and knowledge, a belief I have steadfastly clung to. I have noticed the dualistic nature of life, man/woman, front/back, up/down, black/white, yin/yang, positive/negative, the ultimate law of opposition. I soon began to realize that nothing would exist without its counterpart, and this Law of opposition was much too obvious to be challenged or ignored. I began to wonder if God would be without the Devil. One month is made up of two two-week periods, one year of two six-month periods. From the New Moon (black dot on your calendar) to the Full moon (a circle on your calendar), the light is green.
Those two weeks are called "the waxing time." Then when you see her full, white and round, the light is amber. Those two weeks are called "the waning time." As she starts her positive waxing time, you should plant your seeds for life. Go out, meet new people, socialize, get engaged, get married, buy a new car, go shopping, sign important contracts, travel, visit family members and generally promote all you can during this positive trend. My Moon Power Starguide has all the New and Full Moons available for entire year. Also, Starguide tells you when and in what sign the New Moon or the Full Moon will mature. You can use this knowledge to master the outcomes of all your endeavors. Initiate ideas or projects as she climbs happily in the heavens. Then when she finally becomes full, be aware of the approaching "yellow light," as these signals shows a time to slow down and reflect. Use your will to fight depression, clean your house, prepare your next move, write letters but don't send them just yet.
Observe and listen to all the people around you. Many will suffer the waning Moon's power and will become negative, moody and lunatic. Watch the news and see for yourself the dramatic differences in the two periods. However, good things can happen then. This means, officially, that somehow you started "that" situation during her waxing, positive time, and you are now being paid off. Bad things can also happen to you when the Moon is supposedly positive. It might only be a tap on your hand, compared to what you could really experience for yourself in the future. Keep in mind that you have been going through your life not knowing not using the Universal Law. You did not interact with the Moon's fluctuations (the gearbox of our system) and many gears (your experiences) have broken down. Apply your knowledge right away and take the time to invest in your understanding of Astrology (the dynamics of our Universe).
The Universal Clock also commands womens menstruations, and both the Moon and women share the same twenty-eight-day time period. Work non-stop around the Moon's passage throughout every sign of the Zodiac, and then her deepest secrets will by yours. As she travels through the belt of the Zodiac, she will be residing between two and three days in one sign, she will melt your emotions with the energies (positive or negative) found in that specific astrological sign. Never forget that an ultimate higher order has been established, and the essence of our emotional life is within. Learning and adapting to the Moon's power will help you to understand what it really means to be human. This lunar consciousness will lead you towards the understanding of your own strengths, and the ability to use them to further your life, while minimizing your weakness day by day!
Some people often tell me, "But Dr. Turi, I cannot leave my life this way. New Moon or Full Moon, I have business to take care of!" Well, I understand the dilemma, but to me it sounds like, "Dr. Turi, the light is red, my car is stopped at the light, but I can't stand still any longer here because I am going to be late for my appointment." Go ahead! You see, you came and asked me for spiritual rules; I gave them to you, now you have to deal with them. You took the chance and were curious enough to "ask"; now that you receive the "discipline," its pretty much up to you to heed them or not. The world is not necessarily ready, willing and unenlightened pertaining to this "lunar" code, you are! The idea is to plan well ahead of time and synchronize with the universal law to plan all your important endeavors. It is as simple as that. Since the dawn of time, the Creator has shown his truth to the humble, a truth that is hidden from the vain blinded by worldly pleasures, but which is written in the skies, which nightly speaks of the glory of God.

Time Travel

In H.G. Wells' novel, The Time Machine, our protagonist jumped into a special chair with blinking lights, spun a few dials, and found himself catapulted several hundred thousand years into the future, where England has long disappeared and is now inhabited by strange creatures called the Morlocks and Eloi. That may have made great fiction, but physicists have always scoffed at the idea of time travel, considering it to be the realm of cranks, mystics, and charlatans, and with good reason.
However, rather remarkable advances in quantum gravity are reviving the theory; it has now become fair game for theoretical physicists writing in the pages of Physical Review magazine. One stubborn problem with time travel is that it is riddled with several types of paradoxes. For example, there is the paradox of the man with no parents, i.e. what happens when you go back in time and kill your parents before you are born? Question: if your parents died before you were born, then how could you have been born to kill them in the first place?
There is also the paradox of the man with no past. For example, let's say that a young inventor is trying futilely to build a time machine in his garage. Suddenly, an elderly man appears from nowhere and gives the youth the secret of building a time machine. The young man then becomes enormously rich playing the stock market, race tracks, and sporting events because he knows the future. Then, as an old man, he decides to make his final trip back to the past and give the secret of time travel to his youthful self. Question: where did the idea of the time machine come from?
There is also the paradox of the man who is own mother (my apologies to Heinlein.) “Jane” is left at an orphanage as a foundling. When “Jane” is a teenager, she falls in love with a drifter, who abandons her but leaves her pregnant. Then disaster strikes. She almost dies giving birth to a baby girl, who is then mysteriously kidnapped. The doctors find that Jane is bleeding badly, but, oddly enough, has both sex organs. So, to save her life, the doctors convert “Jane” to “Jim.”
“Jim” subsequently becomes a roaring drunk, until he meets a friendly bartender (actually a time traveler in disguise) who wisks “Jim” back way into the past. “Jim” meets a beautiful teenage girl, accidentally gets her pregnant with a baby girl. Out of guilt, he kidnaps the baby girl and drops her off at the orphanage. Later, “Jim” joins the time travelers corps, leads a distinguished life, and has one last dream: to disguise himself as a bartender to meet a certain drunk named “Jim” in the past. Question: who is “Jane's” mother, father, brother, sister, grand- father, grandmother, and grandchild?
Not surprisingly, time travel has always been considered impossible. After all, Newton believed that time was like an arrow; once fired, it soared in a straight, undeviating line. One second on the earth was one second on Mars. Clocks scattered throughout the universe beat at the same rate. Einstein gave us a much more radical picture. According to Einstein, time was more like a river, which meandered around stars and galaxies, speeding up and slowing down as it passed around massive bodies. One second on the earth was Not one second on Mars. Clocks scattered throughout the universe beat to their own distant drummer.
However, before Einstein died, he was faced with an embarrassing problem. Einstein's neighbor at Princeton, Kurt Goedel, perhaps the greatest mathematical logician of the past 500 years, found a new solution to Einstein's own equations which allowed for time travel! The “river of time” now had whirlpools in which time could wrap itself into a circle. Goedel's solution was quite ingenious: it postulated a universe filled with a rotating fluid. Anyone walking along the direction of rotation would find themselves back at the starting point, but backwards in time!
In his memoirs, Einstein wrote that he was disturbed that his equations contained solutions that allowed for time travel. But he finally concluded: the universe does not rotate, it ex- pands (i.e. as in the Big Bang theory) and hence Goedel's solution could be thrown out for “physical reasons.” (Apparently, if the Big Bang was rotating, then time travel would be possible throughout the universe!)
Then in 1963, Roy Kerr, a New Zealand mathematician, found a solution of Einstein's equations for a rotating black hole, which had bizarre properties. The black hole would not collapse to a point (as previously thought) but into a spinning ring (of neutrons). The ring would be circulating so rapidly that centrifugal force would keep the ring from collapsing under gravity. The ring, in turn, acts like the Looking Glass of Alice. Anyone walking through the ring would not die, but could pass through the ring into an alternate universe. Since then, hundreds of other “wormhole” solutions have been found to Einstein's equations. These wormholes connect not only two regions of space (hence the name) but also two regions of time as well. In principle, they can be used as time machines.
Recently, attempts to add the quantum theory to gravity (and hence create a “theory of everything”) have given us some insight into the paradox problem. In the quantum theory, we can have multiple states of any object. For example, an electron can exist simultaneously in different orbits (a fact which is responsible for giving us the laws of chemistry). Similarly, Schrodinger's famous cat can exist simultaneously in two possible states: dead and alive. So by going back in time and altering the past, we merely create a parallel universe. So we are changing someone ELSE's past by saving, say, Abraham Lincoln from being assassinated at the Ford Theater, but our Lincoln is still dead. In this way, the river of time forks into two separate rivers. But does this mean that we will be able to jump into H.G. Wells' machine, spin a dial, and soar several hundred thousand years into England's future? No. There are a number of difficult hurdles to overcome.
First, the main problem is one of energy. In the same way that a car needs gasoline, a time machine needs to have fabulous amounts of energy. One either has to harness the power of a star, or to find something called “exotic” matter (which falls up, rather than down) or find a source of negative energy. (Physicists once thought that negative energy was impossible. But tiny amounts of negative energy have been experimentally verified for something called the Casimir effect, i.e. the energy created by two parallel plates). All of these are exceedingly difficult to obtain in large quantities, at least for several more centuries!
Then there is the problem of stability. The Kerr black hole, for example, may be unstable if one falls through it. Similarly, quantum effects may build up and destroy the wormhole before you enter it. Unfortunately, our mathematics is not powerful enough to answer the question of stability because you need a “theory of everything” which combines both quantum forces and gravity. At present, superstring theory is the leading candidate for such a theory (in fact, it is the ONLY candidate; it really has no rivals at all). But superstring theory, which happens to be my specialty, is still to difficult to solve completely. The theory is well-defined, but no one on earth is smart enough to solve it.
Interestingly enough, Stephen Hawking once opposed the idea of time travel. He even claimed he had “empirical” evidence against it. If time travel existed, he said, then we would have been visited by tourists from the future. Since we see no tourists from the future, ergo: time travel is not possible. Because of the enormous amount of work done by theoretical physicists within the last 5 years or so, Hawking has since changed his mind, and now believes that time travel is possible (although not necessarily practical). (Furthermore, perhaps we are simply not very interesting to these tourists from the future. Anyone who can harness the power of a star would consider us to be very primitive. Imagine your friends coming across an ant hill. Would they bend down to the ants and give them trinkets, books, medicine, and power? Or would some of your friends have the strange urge to step on a few of them?)
In conclusion, don't turn someone away who knocks at your door one day and claims to be your future great-great-great grandchild. They may be right.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

An Open Mind

There are two kinds of minds. One is an open mind. Another is a closed mind. A closed mind says, “This is how it is, I know it, and that is it.” A closed mind gets hardened. An open mind says, “Maybe, perhaps. I do not know.” Whenever you seem to understand a situation and you label it, “I know this is how it is,” that is the beginning of your problem. Problems always arise from thinking you know, but not knowing. If you do not know, your mind is open, you say, “Oh, maybe, something, perhaps, I don’t know.” You wait. You cannot label something when you say you do not know.
Whenever you think an injustice has been made to you, or whenever you think you are suffering, or you think you are a victim, this all falls under the category of “I know it. This is how things are.” Whenever we attach a label “not good,” it comes from knowledge. Suffering is a product of limited knowledge. A question is a sign of limited knowledge. When there is amazement—patience, joy, you are in a state of “I don’t know,” life shifts from the limited “I know,” to a state of all possibilities.
Thinking you know the world is the biggest problem. This is not just one world. There are many layers in this world. When you are upset, you are upset for a reason. There is some other string that is being pulled. When your mind is open for all possibilities and an event happens, there could be many possibilities for that event to be that way. The possibilities are not just in the gross field of existence, there could be some other causes which are more subtle.
Suppose you come home and find your roommate has made a big mess in your apartment. You start feeling very irritated. You think the reason, the cause for your anger, is because of your roommate and the mess, but there could be something more going on, something happening in the subtle space. Perhaps there has been some anger that created vibrations in that space. At that moment, something else is in the air, but you could only see that person creating a mess around you, and you attribute all your anger to that person. This is what limited knowledge does.
When we attach the emotions to individuals, the cycle continues and you will never be free from that. There is a step we can take to free ourselves of this cycle. First, detach the emotion from the person and the event to the space or time. This is the science called astrology. Astrology is the knowledge of oneness of the universe.
If a pin is pricked into your hand, your whole body, everything in the body knows it, feels it, right? Just one pin prick in your hand is felt by the entire system. Every cell is connected with the whole of you. In the same way, everybody is connected to the whole entirety of creation, and to everyone else. At a very subtle level there is only one life in this universe. Though it appears to be many on the gross level, when you go deeper and deeper there is only one existence, one divine.
The wise never label individuals, for in the wise eye, individual existence ceases. Yes, on one level there is all dealings, individuals, everybody is different, they’re young, old, intelligent, wise and dull and all types. On one level we have different types, but on a deeper level there is only you. Only you and nothing else.
You are never given a problem that you cannot handle. Every problem that comes in front of you is to make you realize the abilities you have, how much more you can bring out of yourself. How much more skill, talent, joy that you can bring forth. This is what shows. Problems make our mind, our intelligence function. When do we really need intelligence? When there is a problem. If there were no problems, we could be like cows. Cows have no problems. They eat the grass, and drink water, and sleep. Like that, if your life is so smooth, without anything challenging you, you will just eat, and sleep, and become duller and duller. The Divine has given you such a brain to use to be alert, and every problem is there to make use of this brain.
Instead we do the reverse. Either we don’t use this brain, and get into more complications, or we use our brain to get more complications rather than solving them! If we have a problem, instead of looking at the solution, we keep looking how big the problem can be, or what worse can happen. Do not return this brain back to God unused.
What do you consider failure? Often what you consider as failure, a little later on turns out to be success. As a child you wanted to be a truck driver. When you grew up, you were forced to become a doctor and then you realized this was a good choice. Look back and see the situations that appeared to be failures was due to a short-sighted vision. In the long run, every failure has contributed to your growth, or made you stronger and more centered. Every failure has contributed in a very positive manner somewhere deep inside you. It’s very interesting. You have to look at the situation through a different eye.
Though there is only one sun, this sun can enter any number of houses in the town. Can you say, “Because the sun has come through this window to this house, how can it be in the next house?” This is the logic of a small mind. There is a natural desire in you to be someone special. Each one wants to be someone special, and closer. I am telling you, you are already! You are very special, very unique, and very dear, irrespective of what you do, and where you are. It doesn’t matter.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


How do you know when you are a vibrational match to that which you desire?
The short answer to your question about vibrational match can be summed up in the question -- "how do you feel"? Jesus talked about "vibrational match" when he said, "fear ye not evil", "turn the other cheek", "do not talk about this to anyone", "be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind", and "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".
You will know you are a vibrational match when your dominant feeling is positive. Your attraction meter (which registers your vibration) is your feelings. Your inner guide speaks to you through your feelings and is saying when you feel positive - "hey, keep going - you're in alignment with what you want" and when you feel negative your guide is saying - "hey, stop, you're NOT in alignment with what you want". When you feel predominately positive then you are predominately in vibrational harmony with your desires. Any slight feeling of negativity, even as slight as ennui, lethargy, or resignation, is your signal that if you keep thinking the thoughts you're presently thinking you'll create something out of harmony with what you really want.
For example, let's say you want to attract your ideal mate. In order to become a vibrational match you would meditate on your desires for a partner, work diligently on becoming all that you want your mate to be, choose to be fulfilled and in joy in all that you do and focus on taking action both spiritually and physically to create your mate. If this were all you did, then you would be a vibrational match to your desire.
However, since most of us are human, we look at what we're getting and if it isn't exactly what we think we want then we reject it as a failure, a mistake or a poor joke played on us by the Universe.
Let me illustrate this point by borrowing a client's recent challenge.
Being a physically fit, totally health-conscious, energetic, youthful 55-year-old widower with a verve for life that is highly contagious, this client was experiencing "signs of land" that were either "too old because they weren't fit, healthy and energetic" or "too young because they didn't have the emotional maturity or hadn't achieved career satisfaction and stability." It was easy for him to think positively when in the throes of visualizing and affirming in meditation. However, the challenge came when the results of his efforts looked like they were too old or too young at first glance. Upon observation, the doubts would instantly impede his mind and he would begin to spiral with the negative feelings of frustration, irritation, fear, sadness, loneliness, and unworthiness.
These emotions are the rocket fuel that expands our manifestations. The more powerful the feeling the more power you are feeding your creations. Those negative feelings are literally our Angels tugging at us and saying, "STOP! You're focusing on what you do not want!"
Fortunately, since it is impossible to monitor the never-ending stream of thoughts, we have a fabulous mechanism called our feelings that let us know whether we are a vibrational match to our desires or not in any given moment. Negative feeling = negative creation. Positive feeling = positive creation.
The key here is to pivot from the negative thoughts to positive thoughts. This is done not by denying that you are having negative thoughts but by reaching for a thought that you can believe and a thought that feels better. Here's the process simplified: Ask, "What am I feeling?"
Then ask, "What is the thought that is creating this feeling?"
Then ask, "How can I surrender to the Divine Order and Divine timing of life now?"
Then finish with, "What thought feels better?"
If you feel negative (any shade less than positive) then ask, "What is the thought that is creating this feeling?" Once you've identified the thought, you want to do two quick things. First, surrender to the fear or the negative possibility by acknowledging the fact that the Law of Attraction is always at work and if this is the way it's going to be, then so be it - "I'll survive. Because even in death, I survive." Then finish with "What thought feels better?" and reach for a thought that feels better and that you can believe.
To clarify the last step in this process, if you are in the mire of negative mush then saying, "Every person I meet is totally healthy, fit, attractive, vibrantly alive, secure, stable and a match to me now", is probably TOO far out there for you to believe. However, you could easily take a smaller step and reach for a thought that helps you to feel more at peace now and then walk your thoughts up to your ideal.
For example in this situation, you would say, "I know that all is well now. I know the Law of Attraction is now at work in my life and in perfect timing my ideal partner will enter my life. I know that there are people out there that are a match to my desires. I know that others have found partners that were physically attractive and fit and therefore I can too. I know that people of all ages are fit. I know that others have found partners that were stable, mature and confident with their status in life and therefore I can too. I recognize that with every day and every breath, I am seeing more and more people that match my desires. I recognize and appreciate that all is well and that I am now at peace with attracting my love in perfect timing. I am grateful. I am confident. I expect my desires to be fulfilled and I intend to have a relationship with an energy-appropriate partner now! I am at peace." So be it! Amen!

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is commonly thought of as a Christian holiday (the birth of Jesus). Many Christian beliefs and traditions were borrowed from more ancient religions and mythologies. This is well documented by authors such as Gerald Massey, Godfrey Higgins, Robert Graves, Kersey Graves and many others. The virgin birth, the incarnation of God, the sacrament, Christmas, Easter, etc. have all been adopted/stolen by Christianity as its own. It is well documented by fundamentalists (apologists) that the Christmas traditions are Pagan in origin.. This simply means that their origin comes from the traditions of the country-folk (pagan). By contrast, the Pagan origins of most of the other attributes of Christianity are vigorously denied. It is also very easy to obscure, overlook and discredit the Egyptian, Mithraic, Germanic, Norse, Celtic, Greek, Hindu and Buddhist roots by lumping all non-Christian religions together and labeling them Pagan. These are certainly not simple country-folk religions. So to just say Christmas has Pagan roots, and not go further, is glossing over what exactly those roots are, and discrediting their study as worthless. Christmas icons, traditions and stories have hidden meanings. Although not initially apparent, a more thorough investigation reveals far more symbolic content (which is decipherable) than originally suspected. At the roots of this symbolism research is information about the secrets of the mushroom, regarding its habitats, forms, uses, preparations, and effects. Shaman of Siberia and the Russian icon, St. Nicholas, both play parts in the tale of Christmas, providing clues as to where Christmas came from and why there are certain symbols associated with the holiday. It is these types of clues that will help (the questors) in the deciphering of the symbols. Siberian Shaman used/use (despite governmental oppression) the Amanita muscaria as a religious sacrament. It is used for spiritual vision, out-of-body travel into the realms of the spirits, and as a plant-spirit guide in teaching and healing. The value of the inebriant is placed highly among the commodities of the native tribesmen, fetching reindeer pelts, meats, and all manner of tradable goods in payment and barter. Interesting to note: If you aren't quick enough in the hunt, you will find only the mushroom stubs, the rest greedily gobbled up by the hungry reindeer.
One of the traditions, of ornamenting a tree, comes from the tradition of "The Paradise tree", a fir tree decorated with apples (representing the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden). This ‘fruit’ will be discussed later as the Amanita. During Germany's Middle Ages, a popular play, which was symbolic of the paradise story, was staged on December 24th (the religious feast day of Adam and Eve) . Two more symbolic connections with the mushroom are the candles and cookies that were also hung on the tree (candles = Christ; cookies = wafers of the Christian sacrament). This ornament is of particular interest because of its association with the fruit of the tree of knowledge and the Amanita muscaria. This indicates that there have always been people "In the Know" from time to time. According to Apocryphal texts and other older ones, the "Fruit of the Tree of Life" and the more recently added "Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge" were originally one in the same.
So, why do people bring Pine trees into their houses at the Winter Solstice, placing brightly colored (Red and White) packages under their boughs, as gifts to show their love for each other and as representations of the love of God and the gift of his Sons life? It is because, underneath the Pine bough is the exact location where one would find this "Most Sacred" Substance, the Amanita muscaria, in the wild (in Nature). These mushrooms grow in a symbiotic/mycorrhizal relationship with the Pine tree, which means they always grow underneath it. The symbolic placing of gifts under the tree at Christmas is a sort of proxy-present-giving action, whereby the celebrants ritually mimic the work of God/Santa/Nature, by placing under the tree a gift (actually The gift). Big clue here: Winter brings rain; rain brings mushrooms, In the mountains, at Christmas time, under the Pine trees. Then and there will you find that which unlocks the key mysteries of the Universe, through a multi-dimensionalizing of the consciousness in a way that no other known substance can. This Gnosis (joining together of your mind with the mind of the Universal Consciousness) is what the Sages, Mystics, Teachers, and Prophets were attempting to communicate through their rampant symbolism. (Had they not feared persecution, they may have spoken of it openly and directly in public documents.) All over the world, people bring Coniferous trees into their houses and place brightly colored packages underneath them. In Nature, this is where you will find the Amanita muscaria (under coniferous trees). The actual mushroom "plant" is the underground "mycelium" or "mycorrhizae", which is directly attached to the tree roots; the mushroom itself is only the fruit-body of the mycelium. The mushroom is literally the Fruit of the Tree. They grow in a mycorrhizal (not parasitic) relationship with the tree. Many people follow the tradition/custom of bringing a tree into the home and putting presents under it, yet have absolutely no idea why. Even people that think they know, usually have no knowledge of these mushroom connections. The true symbolic meaning transcends dogmatic etymological and historical evidence, by revealing itself in the totally obvious iconography and historically associated myths and traditions.
The ancient shamanic use of Amanita muscaria in Siberia is well documented. Despite governmental oppression against its use, there are still many who refuse to accept the authorized state religion, and continue the shamanic traditions in secret. Just as the Siberian shaman (commonly dressing in red and white) would enter through the opening in the roof of a home where a ritual was to be done, Santa Claus also arrives on the roof and enters through the chimney. Just as the shamans would gather the mushrooms in bags which they would bring with them when performing a ceremony, Santa Claus also (on the Holy Day) brings presents in a bag. The Santa Claus we see today evolved from traditions developed in Germany. It is fairly common knowledge that the Weihnachtsmann (St. Nick) was an amalgamation of older Germanic/Norse gods such as Thor, Donner, Odin and Wotan. What's missing here is just as Santa flies through the skies in his sleigh, Odin (as well as the rest) rode through the sky in his chariot, which is depicted in the stars by "The Big Dipper". The Big Dipper is the chariot of Odin & Wotan, Thor, King Arthur, and even Osiris (of Egypt). The chariot that circles the North Star in a 24 hour period is thus also known as the sleigh of Santa Claus because it circles his mythological home, the North Pole. It is no surprise that Nordic/Germanic gods have connection to mushrooms in their mythology. As Thor throws his mushroom-shaped hammer to the ground, mighty thunders and lightning cracks cause the real mushroom(s) to appear. As the horses pulling Odin through the sky in his chariot become over-exerted, their blood-mingled spit falls to the ground and causes the Amanita mushrooms to grow at those exact points. The Osiris mythology has even more to add to this. To the Egyptians; South was up (North). Osiris was the lord of the underworld, the South, (South=down) which is why he circles the sky in the furthest possible lower (southern) area. Not only did Osiris ride the sky in a chariot, but after his death Isis found that an evergreen (Cedar) had grown overnight from a dead stump to full-sized (this also relates to the Djed pillar); which was understood as a sign of Osiris' rebirth and immortality. Interestingly, the traditional birth of Osiris is the 25th of December. The 25th of December was also celebrated annually by putting presents around the Cedar tree. This tradition is at least five thousand years old. The birth of Horus to the goddess-virgin-mother, Isis, is perhaps the eldest representation of the goddess/son mythology, yet it is impossible to know this or the real age of the Astro-theological-Virgo-giving-birth-to-the-child/god/star mythology for sure. However it is the oldest source I have found; it is very old. Drying the mushrooms was/is a necessary procedure typically accomplished by stringing them up (like popcorn) and hanging them above the hearth of the fireplace. shamans and lay people alike, would gather and dry them. They gather all they can since they are a valuable commodity. Reindeer (native to Siberia) are known to be quite fond of eating these mushrooms. The mythology of flying Reindeer reflects the supposed pharmacological effects of such a meal. It is important to point out that this Christmas/Winter Solstice celebration, with all its various counterparts, transcends the world's religions. The reason that this celebration is held all over the planet in various forms may have something to do with this other commonality at which we are looking; it is certainly entwined in the symbolism.

Santa Claus?

After studying the Amanita muscaria mushroom for some twenty years, I fell into the company of some very enthusiastic folks who insisted that I commit this study to writing. It is one thing to talk about the many various religious writings which I have been looking into, and found ample mushroom symbology to present a verbal case for ethnomycological reference, but another thing entirely to compile it into book form. For one thing, in order to present a full scope of significant inter-religious connections verbally one can jump from one religious context to another, traversing a wide scope of references in several religions, weaving an overall scope of the similarities found in each. But in order to write a book on the subject I found that separating the different religious references into their respective chapters was the best way to go. So I try to limit the temptation to jump from one religion to another, and keep it to a minimum. Within the study of world religion one finds philosophical systems. These are the philosophies that the respective believer adopts as their understanding of life itself. State-ism must be considered a religion in its own right, as even those who profess no religious preference or belief adopt a philosophical view of reality based upon a state/culturally conditioned belief system. These belief systems are also based upon religious philosophies that are brought into fruition through media and popular opinion. Were the many state and religious philosophies to be based upon truth and justice the world would not have an incredible history of bloodshed, wars and oppression. Therefore, religions and state indoctrinated belief systems share commonality of basic philosophical principles, and all of them must be looked into with an objective point of view. This must be done in order to dispel falsehood. It is not difficult to see that the condition of life on our planet leaves much to be desired. Societal conditioning plays an important part in developing individual belief systems. In some ways this could be considered a good thing, but in other ways it may be intrinsically bad. The study of ethnomycology cannot simply be the study of religion and its association with mushrooms per-se' because by its very nature it must examine the philosophical principles of the religions which have an ehtnomycological connection. I need to explain this in order to set the stage for what is to come within these pages. This is not only an examination of ehtnomycological associations throughout history but is also an examination of those religions which show evidence of having ethnomycological association, yet currently deny this association due to corruption of their root principles. So this study will deal with ethnomycology as a base, but will also delve into psychology, ethnology, philology, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, art, history, religion, myth, culture, symbology, and philosophy. I will begin this book with the study of Christmas and its associated symbols and icons because after studying most of the world’s religions and their associated philosophies, I have found this to actually be a religion in its own right and quite pure philosophically. What are the origins of the Christmas traditions? Most people never think to ask this question. Those that do, find a seemingly complete dogmatic system of explanation. Then, of course, one day there is that discovery that Santa Claus does not really exist. But... Does he? Many things have been written in an attempt to trace Christmas' development. You can find people who consider themselves experts in this field, and even books on this subject. I suppose you could call the field "Santa-ology", or perhaps even "Santa-ism". Yet, long lost, deeply underlying the realms of simple tradition, are very amazing symbolic connections and origins that are either long- forgotten or were/are intentionally overlooked. The basic philosophy behind Christmas is; if you are good you will receive a present under the tree, if you are bad then you receive no present. In some cultures those who are bad even receive punishment delivered by various means and personages. This is a very simple philosophical system. Santa Claus is an all-knowing icon that reads the hearts and intentions of everyone on the planet. Each child is told the story of the round-man (who wears red and white) and his associates; reindeer, little people and Mrs. Claus. They are also told the story of a miraculous worldwide flight in a sleigh which results in presents being delivered under a tree. Yet when a child reaches the age of reasoning he is informed that this story is all a fabrication. This revelation is devastating upon the psyche of a young mind. It is also at this time that the child is often comforted, and pacified from the shock, by very strong reinforcement that the religious system which the parents or guardians profess are indeed factual. And an attempt is made to incorporate the respective religious traditions into the holiday as the REAL meaning for the celebration. There is an alternative to this cultural conditioning and shock-relief system of indoctrinations, into the realities of life, which is based upon truth and is much more interesting than even the simple traditional understandings of Christmas themselves. The key to this alternative is encoded within the icons and symbols of Christmas. To know the meanings behind the symbolism to which most people only attach dogmatic explanations, is to open the doorway to understanding the very roots of many other religions as well. Several books have been written about the Amanita muscaria mushroom. This mushroom is found growing all over the world under Pine (& other coniferous trees), Birch, and sometimes Oak. The Pine tree is one of the well-known central relics of Christmas. Under this tree is where those who are deemed good find their reward in the form of a present. A big red and white rounded mushroom grows under the very tree we are to look under on Christmas morning to find our gift. If we can find that this present does indeed exist. If we can find that reindeer are thought to be able to fly for a very good reason, and we can show that traditionally they carry people spiritually through the air in a way that defies the laws of time. And further, if we can show that the philosophical idiom "be good not bad" is really the universal truth, would we have sufficient basis for discarding the established religious dogmas which traditionally replace the Christmas tale, and instead simply expand the story to reveal the more esoteric principles upon which it is based? It is my assertion that the traditional day of reckoning wherein it is revealed; Santa Claus is not real, Reindeer do not fly, there is no present under the tree (unless placed there by a deceiver), is a dis-information campaign geared towards conditioning the young mind to be unable to comprehend the information which is presented herein. I also assert that the devastating blow of the destruction of a belief, and the associated reinforcement of "Christianity" (or other religious system) is psychologically designed to support the replacement information which is given as a comforting foundation during a time of shock and crisis, and is explained as something that will never be revealed as false (like Santa and all that fantasy). It is also my conclusion that this event subliminally plays an important role for religious systems that wish to suppress the expansion of consciousness through fear of the unknown. The psyche is scarred deeply when it is forced to deal with realizing it has accepted a falsehood as truth. And when it deals with plants and things found under trees, subliminally, one armors oneself against these concepts. There develops an unconscious fear of falling into the same trap. Of course this is also pacified through replacing the meaning of things like the pine tree. Interestingly, in some traditions the Pineal gland is thought to be the seat of the human soul. It is shaped exactly like a pinecone (hence the name Pine-al). Apparently, it is also an autonomous part of the brain, resting in the dead center, not attached to any other part of the brain; sort of a floating pinecone in the center of the human brain. Perhaps we have a lot more in common with the Pine tree than we thought. This gland, and its endogenous secretions, as well as other relevant implications, will be further discussed in a later section. But it is interesting to note; due to cultural phenomenon, the pineal gland atrophies during youth, which corresponds to this timely day of reckoning, and even begins to calcify during puberty. This atrophy/calcification causes a reduction of Pineal endogenous secretions. The Santa Claus and Christmas traditions of today have metamorphosed out of many older mythologies. The icons, symbols, and relics that have managed to survive from the "Winter Solstice" celebrations of old, have a commonality that deserves some reflection, study, and perhaps even some reverence. Understanding that these traditions are borrowed ones, is central to getting at the heart of the true meaning of Christmas.


The Amanita muscaria mushroom can be found at the roots of most of the religious writings our planet has to offer. Yet you will find within these pages very little in way of endorsement of any particular religion. However, please bear with me when I interject my own philosophical opinions. Remember, I admit openly that I certainly do not know everything. This is the result of a serious study of the doctrinal/scriptural substance of each of the presented religions, and an exploration into the hidden symbology and meanings within them. The discovery that, although the Sacramental substance is unquestionably present, the organizations themselves have obscured the knowledge of it, was an enigma. That is, until the political nature at the roots of religion itself had been uncovered. Today's religions do not answer this important question. They explain it away as purely symbolic, or of no importance. Religion has polluted itself by denying its own source, and by removing the individual's ability to experience the effects produced by the substance that imparts Gnosis (the joining together of the consciousness with the consciousness of the Divine). By the removal of this key knowledge, religions themselves become lies; especially when the same systems inspired by Entheogens condemn their usage. In today's society it has become taboo to present the expansion of consciousness by the use of any kinds of drugs/plants in a positive light. Such is the case when one discusses government or religion (or any other societal norm) in a negative light. While I have nothing positive to say about heroin, highly refined Coca (coke, crack), or amphetamines (crank), I feel that a blanket assessment of all drugs as being dirty is not only unfair, but a classic case of dis-information. Drugs, in the psychedelic category, are commonly referred to these days (by those in the know) as "Entheogens", meaning simply; "the generation of God within"; for the experiencer, "the realization of God within ones own consciousness". The facts are that there are many plants that have been known to expand consciousness, increase awareness of self, and initiate one into the nature of spirituality. Thousands of PhD. professors all over the world (in fields such as botany, ethnobotany, entheobotany, archaeology, anthropology, philology, philosophy, psychology, as well as a plethora of other inter-related fields) have written thousands of books/papers on the investigation and study of psychedelic plants. These writings have dealt with the use of such substances by spiritual practitioners in most every religion formed on the planet. Most people are out of the loop in knowing about any of this. Throughout history, each tribe/culture has looked for leadership and insight to the local Holy-man, or otherwise known as the Shaman, Healer, Priest, Mage, Sage, Yogi, Magician. The insight these leaders possessed was largely due to their experience and understanding of pharmacopoeia (use of plants) and the insight offered by the use of these things. "Pharmacopoeia" is the root of our English "pharmacy" or "pharmacist", and has been also translated as "witchcraft". Different tribes and peoples used different Entheogens, largely determined by local availability. The social power, respect, reverence, and authority held by the "pharmacopoeia-practicing" native shaman was/is a major problem for government and religion. It is the wanton jealousy for the power and control, held by these natives, which in turn, inspired the campaign to demonize and dis-repute Shamanism and pharmacopoeia as something of the devil. The Spanish (Catholic) inquisition and witch hunts (the murdering of over eight million people, tried as witches, and the stealing of their land and other propertiesdone in the name of God by the Church-government up until the 19th century) were prime examples of this. Also related to this church jealousy and greed is the matter of an estimated twenty million indigenous Central Americans murdered (exterminated), bringing about the near extinction of the Aztec/Inca/Mayan peoples, and the all-to-similar fate of indigenous North Americans ("American Indians"). The underlying agenda is the repression of the knowledge of Entheogenic plants that, if it succeeded, would insure the people's loyalty to established religion in all matters pertaining to God, primarily due to the inability of experiencing God for oneself. Since government and religion are the controllers of the world, an independent Shaman/Priest/Mage/Magician/Prophet is a threat to their power. The sacramental use of Entheogens has only come into a bad/dirty light recently. This is largely due to the lumping together of any and all substances used by people (whether used for spiritual or recreation purposes) and then classifying them as "bad" (for you), "evil", "vile", and/or "dirty". This prohibition is the propaganda of the inept, corrupt, and oppressive (monetary based) war on drugs. In realty, despite the incredible amount of evidence that humanity's origins of spirituality are inseparably linked to Entheogens, governmental prohibition continues to rob each individual of their human right to directly access and understand the nature of spirituality through the traditional and ancient means provided by mother earth. People who follow the government's lead in this field, without researching the subject on an individual basis, are usually quick to jump to conclusions and condemn things they really know nothing about. Unfortunately, there are many people who have not researched this subject and believe that anything the government says must be true, yet they have absolutely no personal experience or real understanding about the subject other than the government/media-released propaganda and dis-information geared to create their agenda-based opinion; an opinion really based on ignorance. The agenda of the propaganda-pushers is not only sad but actually quite sickening because of the way it tends to lead the mindless masses of sheep right down the road to foolishness, causing them to become the unknowing pushers of the very same oppressive dis-information and propaganda which imprisons them, whilst believing the whole time that they are being right, proper, clean purveyors of the truth. As you will see, this subject is absolutely a matter of religious practice, and as such, it must be protected by Constitutional rights. As Timothy Leary put it so well, "Psychedelics often produce psychotic and even violent behavior in those that have never used them". The simple reality is that plant Entheogens are spiritual in nature.

Dulce, NM

In the early 1960's, a subterranean nuclear blast occurred about 30 miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico, right off of U.S. 64. This nuclear blast was conducted under the umbrella of project Plowshare, and was named Gassbuggy.
It has recently been alleged that this particular subsurface nuclear blast was used to create a hollowed out chute or chimney for development of a substation for a super-secret tunnel system attached to an underground black book project base.
According to Thomas Castello, a former Dulce base security officer -- this particular under-world city is a highly secret base operated by humans as well as reptilian aliens and their worker cast, the commonly encountered grays.
It is here, apparently, that a multitude of experimentation projects are carried out. Primarily genetic experiments on kidnapped men, women, and children.
There are a myriad of other specialty science projects taking place at the Dulce base including, but not limited to: Atomic manipulation, cloning, studies of the human aura, advanced mind control applications, animal/human crossbreeding, visual and audio wiretapping, the list goes on...
Dulce, New Mexico is a strange place indeed. It's a sleepy little town perched upon the Archuletta Mesa, just south of the Colorado border in northern New Mexico.
Tourists passing through sometimes see little more life in the town other than that of a scruffy dog lazily spread out along side of the dirt road. Some claim that upon entering the town, black vehicles with heavily tinted windows tailgate them until they are outside the city limits and "heading out of Dodge"!...
In addition, several other sources, who wish to remain nameless, reported oddities in their work with operation 'Plowshare' during the 1960's. The project was created under the guise of the use of atomic bombs during peacetime, and forged ahead under the umbrella of "Natural Gas Exploration". In fact, several of these multi-kiloton blasts were used as a rapid way of developing huge sub-surface chambers for facility development. It is reported that the technology to clean radiation is available and already in use for such projects.
When I lectured on Friday, August 13th of 1993 in Las Vegas, I made public, for the first time ever, the floor plans to levels one and 6 of the Dulce Base. These floor plans were reproduced from the originals that were handed to Thomas Castello's friend. This friend did not previously release the floor plans because they were being used as a verification device to the claims of abductees that say they were there. To date, the originals have verified and disproved many stories circulating the field of ufology. This friend of Thomas Castello's, however, believes that it is time to begin to reveal the missing pieces...
The Dulce base floor plan was illustrated as per the originals by Thomas Castello and I released it... during my lecture in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its layout, when inspected carefully, appears to be extremely strategically planned.
From a vertical viewpoint, it resembles a wheel with a central hub and corridors radiating outwards like spokes. This 'hub' is the focal point of the entire base. It is surrounded by central security and extends through all levels of the base.
I believe this core to be the Achilles heal of the entire facility. It probably contains fiber optic communications and power lines. This would justify its highly guarded and central location as well as explain its vertical continuation through all levels. With all communication lines and power lines focused towards the hub, it is possible that any one level could be completely "locked down" by its own security or the security hubs from either above or below its own level. This would provide maximum control over the entire facility.
The 'spokes' or corridors radiating away from the central hub, lead to numerous other labs in five different directions. Connect the spokes and a pentagon is revealed in its design. From above, this base resembles the layout of the Pentagon in Washington D.C. complete with halls, walls and military insignias! Since we do not have the exact heading on its corridors, magnetic alignments are impossible to determine. When viewed laterally, its appearance takes on the look of a tree with a trunk at its center and its floors extending outwards like the branches. If this is a facility of science, then one could easily say that its lateral appearance is like that of the tree of knowledge
Was this purposely designed this way or does it just happen to be a coincidence?
The overall design of this facility reminds one of a multi-stacked subterranean Hopi Indian kiva. Although I believe that it's somewhat of a disservice to the Hopi to even be spoken of in association with a cave of horrors like the Dulce base, its similarity in design should not be forgotten.
As cultures around the world tend to bring their own styles of architecture with them during periods of migration, so perhaps did the advanced civilization that 'originally' built the Dulce Base. If the reptilian influence over man is as great as archaic documentation and myth would have one believe, then there have to be other subterranean dwellings similar to this in other locations...
(Note: The following are some additional facts and comments, concerning the late Thomas Edwin Castello, which are not mentioned elsewhere in this work. These have been 'paraphrased' from the research files of John Rhodes. - Branton):
In 1961, Castello was a young sergeant stationed at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. His job was as a military photographer with a top secret clearance. He later transferred to West Virginia where he trained in advanced intelligence photography. He worked inside an undisclosed underground installation, and due to the nature of his new assignment his clearance was upgraded to TS-IV. He remained with the Air Force as a photographer until 1971 at which time he was offered a job with RAND corporation as a Security Technician, and so he moved to California where RAND had a major facility and his security clearance was upgraded to ULTRA-3. The following year he met a woman named Cathy, they married and had a son, Eric.
In 1977 Thomas was transferred to Santa Fe, New Mexico where his pay was raised significantly and his security clearance was again upgraded... this time to ULTRA-7. His new job was as a photo security specialist in the Dulce installation, where his job specification was to maintain, align and calibrate video monitoring cameras throughout the underground complex and to escort visitors to their destinations. Once arriving in Dulce, Thomas and several other new 'recruits' attended a mandatory meeting where they were introduced to the BIG LIE, that:
"...the subjects being used for genetic experiments were hopelessly insane and the research is for medical and humane purposes."
Beyond that, all questions were to be asked on a need to know basis. The briefing ended with severe threats of punishment for being caught talking to any of the 'insane' or engaging in conversations with others not directly involved with ones current task. Venturing outside the boundaries of ones own work area without reason was also forbidden and, most of all, discussing the existence of the joint Alien/U.S. government base to any outsider would generate severe and, if necessary, deadly repercussions.
Thomas did his job as his superiors demanded. At first his encounters with actual gray and reptilian beings in the base were exhilarating, but soon he became acutely aware that all was not what it appeared to be. Thomas slowly began to sense that there was an underlying current of tension existing between some of the personnel and himself. Once in a while he would walk around the corner, interrupting serious discussions between coworkers and, as Thomas was a security officer, these talks would die off into a short murmur and individuals would part company.
One particular part of his job was to go into various areas of the base and align the security monitoring cameras when it was necessary. This afforded him the opportunity to venture out and witness things that would stagger the imagination. Later he was to report seeing laboratories that investigated the following: Auraic energy fields of humans; Astral or spirit-body voyaging and manipulation; Psi studies; Advanced mind control analysis and application; Human brain memory recognition, acquisition, and transfer; Matter manipulation; Human/alien embryonic cloning; Rapid human body replicating by use of energy/matter transfer (complete with an individuals memory from the neural network computer memory banks) and other scientific advances.
Once in a while Thomas would see some of the horrifying genetic creations that were housed in separate sections of the base. These, he knew, couldn't have had anything to do with mental illness or health research. Thomas didn't want to look any further. For every time he discovered more pieces to this underground maze, it became more and more overwhelming to accept. His curious mind, however, implored him to search for the truth regardless of his own desire to turn away in horror.
One day, Thomas was approached by another employee who ushered him into a side hallway. Here he was approached by two other gentlemen that whispered the most horrifying words... the men, woman AND CHILDREN that were said to be mentally retarded were, in fact, heavily sedated victims of ABDUCTION. He warned the men that their words and actions could get them in big trouble if he were to turn them in. At this, one man told Thomas that they were all observing him and noticed that he too was 'uncomfortable' with what he was witnessing. They knew that Thomas had a conscience and they knew they had a friend.
They were right, Thomas didn't turn them into his commanders. Instead, he made the dangerous decision to quietly speak with one of the caged humans in an area nicknamed "Nightmare Hall". Through their drug induced state, he asked their name and their home town. Thomas discreetly investigated the claim of this 'insane' human during his weekends out of the facility. He discovered through his search that the person had been declared missing in their home-town after vanishing suddenly, leaving behind their traumatized families, who followed dead ends and trailed flyers. Soon he discovered that MANY of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of men, women and children were actually listed as missing or unexplained disappearances. Thomas knew he was IN OVER HIS HEAD and so were several of his co-workers. All he could do, until somehow the situation changed, was to be alert and extremely guarded with his thoughts. The gray aliens' telepathic capabilities allowed them to 'read' the minds of those around them and if he revealed his intense anger, it would be all over for him and his new friends.
In 1978, tensions within the Dulce base were extremely heightened. Several security and lab technicians began to sabotage the genetic experiments. Increasingly frail nerves and paranoia finally erupted into what is commonly referred to as the Dulce Wars. It was a literal battle between the reptilians and the humans for the CONTROL of the Dulce base. It was the reptilians more than the humans that were pushing the "Big Lie", and insisted on using humans in their experiments, AND those who did not survive the experiments were used as 'sources' for the liquid protein tanks which 'fed' both embryonic gray fetuses as well as full grown grays, as a source of nourishment. The initial "Dulce War" conflict began on Level Three.
No one is exactly sure how it started, but we do know through Thomas' account that it involved base SECURITY FORCES armed with beam weapons known as "Flash Guns", machine-gun toting U.S. Military personnel, and the Gray alien species (that were playing both sides against each other). When the smoke cleared, sixty-eight humans had been killed, twenty-two were completely vaporized and nineteen escaped via the tunnels. Seven were recaptured and twelve remain in hiding to this day.
Thomas returned to his post awaiting the planning of his own escape. But in 1979, the intense pressure brought upon Thomas by his job finally made him break the code of silence. He told his best friend, by a hand passed note, that he was working in a sub-surface, huge installation outside of Dulce, New Mexico.
He also told his friend that he was working side by side with Gray aliens that consider themselves native Terrans and that the upside-down black triangle with the inverted gold colored T inside it was the insignia of the project.
Thomas knew that he had to leave the job for his own peace of mind, however now that he knew the truth about the abductees being held below, it would be almost impossible to live a 'normal' life. He would always be under observation and threat until the day he died. He also was aware of the fact that old age may not be his downfall. His demise could easily be expedited by certain individuals.
After one of his weekends away from the facility, he decided to return to work. This time through one of the less guarded air shafts, unannounced and into the base by way of secret passages. Once inside, he preceded to appear as if he was working his normal duties while taking charge of every thought as he passed by Grays. During this time inside the base, he removed still photographs of the facility and treaties signed, with authentic signatures, between California Governor Ronald Reagan, several other individuals and the Grays.
Thomas also managed to retrieve a 7 minute black and white surveillance video of genetic experiments, caged humans, Grays, as well as schematics of Alien devices and complex genetic formulas. These items, he felt, were not only his chance to a seat at the bargaining table when the need arose, but also they were things that the public needed to know about.
He made copies of the films, photo's and paperwork, packed several 'packages' and instructed several different people who he trusted explicitly to bury or hide them until the right time.
He was then made aware through certain sources that his wife, Cathy, and son, Eric, had been forcibly taken from their home to an undisclosed underground facility for 'safe holding' until he decided to return with the items. At this point, he knew that even IF he did return everything to the Dulce commanders, that his wife and son were probably NEVER going to be the same again, if even returned at all, after being manipulated by aggressive mind control. He also knew that he AND his family would most DEFINITELY become permanently missing due to some tragic accident. Thomas was at zero option. He quickly dissolved into a lonely life on the run. From state to state, border to border, motels to sofa's. Always looking behind him and trying his best to look ahead...

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Power of Thoughts

Thought has been the subject of many wonderful books. My earliest exposure to the power of thought was through James Allen's book, As a Man Thinketh. In this little book the author reveals how your thoughts create harmony or chaos in every aspect of life.
Thoughts affect us in a number of ways. Thoughts are a vital tool in creating the reality we experience. They create our emotional states. They affect our bodies and, therefore, our health. Thoughts influence our responses to life and our relationships. Thoughts determine our choices.
Take a moment to write down three thoughts you have had today. Do not make this too complicated. Simply write down three thoughts you have had in the last 24 hours. Any three thoughts will do. Please do this before you read the next section. It will help you to apply those ideas to your life. Record these thoughts in your journal.

Categories of Thoughts Thoughts can be divided into three broad categories: what I want, or positive thoughts; what I can do, or action thoughts; what I don't want, or worry thoughts. Most thought is about the future or the past. Very few of us are able to stay centered in the present moment. For the sake of clarity, let us assume I have an upcoming surgery that is occupying most of my thoughts. If I am thinking about how fortunate I am to have an excellent surgeon, I am thinking positive thoughts. If I am thinking about the activities I need to do to prepare for the surgery, I am thinking action thoughts. If I am thinking about what can go wrong in surgery, I am thinking worry thoughts.
Worry Thoughts If you were surprised to find most of your thoughts were worry thoughts, you are not alone. Most people are not aware of their thoughts. They go through the day with uncensored mental programming playing in the background of their minds. They experience feelings and reactions that they do not understand.
They believe their emotions and thoughts are something that happens to them; something over which they have little or no control. Many people feel it is their duty to worry. They adamantly defend their worry thoughts. They believe that if they do not worry they have not done all they could to prevent something negative from happening.
These people resist positive thoughts because they see no value in them. In their mind thoughts cannot affect the outcome of a situation, so why waste time thinking positive. It is almost as if the negative thoughts are preparing them for the worst possible scenario. For most worry thinkers, such mental activity is learned behavior based on faulty information about the power of thoughts.
Let us examine some of the premises upon which worry thinking is based. Note which of the statements listed below seem true to you. These may be some of the beliefs out of which your worry thinking has developed. My thoughts are a reflection of who I am. I cannot control them, they simply happen to me.
You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are an activity of your mind. You have the right and the responsibility to choose your thoughts. Your thoughts are based on the things you believe about the world. They are a perfect reflection of your core beliefs, not your True Identity. At some point in your life you accepted certain belief systems out of which your thoughts are formed. You can change your beliefs and your thoughts. Many of my thoughts are unconscious; therefore, I can not know what they are.
Thoughts are readily available in your mind. You may not easily see them because you do not consciously listen to your thoughts. You allow them to play repetitively in the background of your mind. When you focus your awareness on your thoughts you will be amazed at what you spend your time thinking. My thoughts have no effect on my emotions or the events of my life.
Emotion follows thought. If you are thinking positive thoughts you will feel hopeful and uplifted. Worry thoughts create fear and anxiety. Worry thoughts inhibit the flow of energy blocking you from taking action in your life. Positive thoughts stimulate activity, assisting you in transforming your life. Worry thoughts keep you from seeing options, blinding you to possible solutions to your problems. Positive thought relaxes your thinking processes allowing you to see new ideas and recognize opportunities.
The fear and anxiety caused by worry thoughts will flow into your personal relationships, creating discord and conflict. The joy caused by positive thinking will improve every aspect of your life. Positive thought enhances the body's immune system, while worry thoughts inhibit the body's natural healing response. If I do not worry, I have not done all I can to prevent disaster from happening in my life.
As I mentioned earlier, worry thoughts inhibit action. Action thoughts are fundamental to preventing disaster. When you have taken all the action there is to do, thinking positive thoughts is the most productive action you can take. There is no positive benefit to worrying.
If I spend all my time thinking positive thoughts and disaster comes anyway, I would have wasted my time.
I believe faith and positive thought create positive events in your life; but, even if that were not true, thinking positive thoughts has tremendous benefits for you. Positive thoughts create healing, produce enjoyable emotions, and reduce the stress in your life. Positive thought stimulates you to look for solutions to your situation and increases the energy you have to take action. Positive thought makes the journey worthwhile no matter what the outcome.
Someone once asked Patricia Sun, a spiritual teacher, what would happen when she died and found out she was wrong about the philosophy of joy she was teaching. Patricia laughed and said, “You mean what would I do if I discovered I had been having all this fun for nothing?” I am sure you can see the absurdity of the question! If I don't worry, I won't be prepared for the worst possible scenario.
If the worst possible scenario does happen, you will have plenty of time to be upset when it arrives. Spending months in anxiety does not prepare you for anything. You can not pre-experience emotions caused by a disaster. Worrying ahead of time will simply weaken you, limiting your natural ability to cope with crisis or loss.
Thoughts As A Tool of Creation If you want to learn to soar above every situation in your life, you must learn to use your thoughts to create the reality of your choice. Earlier we discussed the way thought affects our emotions, responses, and our ability to see options and take actions. Thoughts, combined with emotion, create specific outcomes in your life. You can use thoughts to create the events in your life and not simply to affect how you respond to events life brings to you.
Thoughts combined with emotion are fundamental to creation. When people first learn about the power of thought, they fear every passing thought. It is not random thoughts which create your reality; it is those thoughts you predominately have which produce such a powerful effect in your life.
Creating reality with thought is similar to the process of hypnosis. You must focus all of your attention on the thoughts of what you want to create. Combined with an intense feeling, your thought goes forth to produce what you desire.

The Pleiades

The Past: How does this confirm what the ancients knew about the Pleiades? Many legends of cultural anthropology around the world are concerned with the Pleiades. The Pleiades, in Greek mythology, are the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione (named Alcyone, Merope, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Maia, and Asterope). Atlas and Pleione are the neighboring stars, and many Greek temples were oriented to the rising and setting of the Pleiades. The Greeks also referred to the word “Peleiades”(spelled with an extra “e”) as the “Doves”. The earliest recorded reference to the Pleiades, however, may be in Chinese astronomical literature dating from 2357 BCE. For agricultural tribes in the northern hemisphere, the course of the Pleiades indicated the beginning and ending of the growing seasons.
Probably most famous legend of the Pleiades in native American lore is the story behind Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, a volcanic rock which the local Kiowa Indians call Mateo Tepe. They tell us that once seven maidens camped near the river in a region known to have many bears. One of the bears began to chase the maidens, who knelt to pray for help, calling upon the gods. The ground was raised into the sky. The bear tried to follow in vain and clawed the side of the rock, the marks of which are seen on the Tower. To protect the maidens, the Great Spirit allowed them to remain in the sky as the seven sisters, the Pleiades.
To the Japanese, the Pleiades constellation is called Subaru and in Sanskrit it is Krittikas. To some of the aboriginal people of Australia, it is Makara and was recognized to be connected to the Orion constellation. For the Aztec it was called Tianquiztli, which means the ‘gathering place’, and was considered an important sign of the continuation of life: on midnight every 52 years it appeared directly overhead and assured the ancient Americans that the world would not come to an end. The Aztecs perform a special religious ceremony called the Dance of the New Fire (or Ceremony of the New Fire) once every 52 years to ensure the movement of the cosmos and the rebirth of the sun. This 52 year time period also corresponds to the 260-day religious calendar (Tonalpohualli in Aztec, or Tolkin in Mayan) when it interlocks with the 365-day civil calendar (Xiupohualli in Aztec or Haab in Mayan). Every 52 Haab solar years (73 Tolkin years) these calendars coincide. This was sometimes called by the Aztecs the Calendar Round. The 52 year cycle was said to begin when the Pleiades crossed the fifth cardinal point or the zenith of heaven at midnight. Sometimes not only is the Pleiades in its zenith over Mesoamerica, but this alignment also comes into a full conjunction with the sun (as we will see again in the 21st Century). In addition, two 52 year cycles (104 years) coordinate with a further alignment with Venus (symbolic of the female creative form on a local scale).
The Pyramid of the Sun outside Mexico City at Teotihuacan is said to be aligned with the Pleiades, for its west face and many of the surrounding streets were aligned directly with the setting point of the Pleiades on midnight of the night when it is at its highest point. The Pleiades was clearly revered also by the Mayans, who in the area of Chichen Itza knew that the Sun casts a snake-like shadow on the side of the north stairway of the Kukulcan pyramid during the spring equinox. Some scholars have calculated that about 60 days after this shadow’s appearance, when the sun reaches its zenith over the Pyramid at mid-day (May 20 - May 23), there is another direct alignment with the Pleiades. This Pleiades-sun alignment may have a direct connection with Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent that came to bring a greater wisdom to the planet..
The ancient Egyptians also singled out the Pleiades as a female goddess, probably most often recognized as Neith, the “divine mother”, or Hathor, who took on the form of a cow (who carried the seeds of life). Pyramidologists working in Egypt in the last twelve years have found pyramidal texts that suggest the Egyptians revered the Pleiades as a higher divine star system, especially Alcyone, its brightest star.
The Present: Astronomers tell us that we are in the middle of an interlocking wheel-within-a-wheel within a cosmic time machine that the Mayans and also Egyptians understood, and just as we go around in relationship to our immediate solar paradigm, our entire galactic system currently is moving around in relationship to the larger configuration of the Pleiades, now known to astronomers as Messier 45 (M45). This larger wheel is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes, the period of time that it takes the Earth to pass through one complete cycle of the constellations of the zodiac. It is the earth’s wobble or spinning axis (at an angle) that makes the zodiac appear to move “backwards” one sign about every 2200 years, or about one degree every 72 years. This averages to 12 signs in 26,000 years. The Pleiades occupies a key role in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres during the Equinoxes and Solstices which are established by this Precession.
In the Northern Hemisphere, at the Spring Equinox, the Pleiades rises during the day, and can be seen only briefly at night. Each day the sun gets a little closer in alignment to the Pleiades so that during the Summer Solstice, the Pleiades rises just before the light of dawn. The first visible rising of the Pleiades before the sun is called the helical rise of the Pleiades. During the Fall Equinox, the Pleiades rises at midnight. At the Winter Solstice the Pleiades is visible in the east just after dark. This is because every day it rises some four minutes earlier in the celestial sphere. The Maori of New Zealand utilized the helical rise of the Pleiades, called by them the Matariki, as the beginning of their New Year (June). They also interpreted the Matariki as the mother with six daughters (while others recognized Puanga or Rigel, Orion as the sign of the New Year).
Thus, it is in the revisiting of the thousands of ancient sign posts, megalithic centers, and texts of the greatest importance that have been preserved throughout thousands of years of tradition in every part of the world — that we see a profound relationship between the stories of the Pleiades and the origin of humankind.
The Future: Why were the ancients so impressed with the Pleiades? Key 106 tells us also that The Pleiades is “the cradle and the throne of our consciousness” emphasizing that the program of Adamic life was created in connection with this region of space. And that it is this region of space that will also signal the return of higher intelligence. The Key uses the word ‘throne’ (small “t”) because it represents that place where the higher Hierarchies come together to balance lower creation. There are, in fact, many throne regions, many logos realms of power, working for our spiritual preparation. The Pleiades, thus, is a throne center just as Orion is a gateway center.
The Pleiades is, thus, a marker for the events of heavenly-earth contact and angelic-human overlap, of meetings recorded by the different cultures of the world with almost uncanny accuracy. Even more imporant is the dawning realization of the immense age and historical plausibility of those legends of the Pleiades found throughout the world which all point to a greater protection and ultimate transformation of creation that will allow us to go back into the higher heavens, being elevated, reprogrammed and resurrected into the heavens of the Most High God.

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Filename Unknown

FILENAME: unknown
[Editor's Note: I received a hand-typed photocopied version of this document in October, 1992. It was written on May 23, 1989 (according to the author). A signature "William Cooper" appears at the end of the document. I have manually re-typed the text, with no changes to the content. Portions of the text around the edges were missing on a couple of pages (probably due to the number of times it had been photocopied), and I have done my best (where possible) to accurately determine the intended words from within the context of the sentences. This edition was prepared in October, 1992.]
"Page one of the following report was completely blacked out, thus it starts from page two." - Unknown typist
During the years following World War II the government of the United States was confronted with a series of events which were to change - beyond prediction - its future, and with it the future of humanity. These events were so incredible that they defied belief. A stunned President Truman and his top Military Commanders found themselves virtually impotent after having just won the most devastating and costly war in history. The United States had developed, used, and was the only nation on Earth in possession of the Atomic Bomb, which alone had the potential to destroy any enemy, and even the Earth itself. At that time the United States had the best economy, the most advanced technology, the highest standard of living, exerted the most influence, and fielded the largest and most powerful military forces in history. We can only imagine the confusion and concern when the informed elite of the United States Government discovered that an alien spacecraft piloted by insect-like beings from a totally incomprehensible culture had crashed in the desert of New Mexico.
Between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or downed alien craft, 65 alien bodies, and 1 live alien was recovered. An additional alien craft had exploded, but nothing was recovered from that incident. Of these incidents, 13 occurred within the borders of the United States (not including the craft which disintegrated in the air). Of these 13; 1 was in Arizona, 11 were in New Mexico, and 1 was in Nevada. Three occurred in foreign countries. Of those, 1 was in Norway, and the last 2 were in Mexico. Sightings of UFO’s were so numerous that serious investigation and debunking of each report became impossible utilizing the existing intelligence assets.
An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948 on a Mesa near Aztec, New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1948 in Hart Canyon near Aztec, New Mexico. It was 100 feet in diameter. A total of 17 alien bodies were recovered from those two craft. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles. A demon had reared its ugly head, and paranoia quickly took hold of everyone then 'in the know.'
The Secret lid immediately became an Above Top Secret lid, and was screwed down tight. The security blanket was even tighter than that imposed upon the Manhattan Project. In the coming years these events were to become the most closely guarded secrets in the history of the world.
A special group of America's top scientists were organized under the name "Project Sign" in December of 1947 to study the phenomenon. The whole nasty business was contained within the shroud of secrecy. Project Sign evolved into "Project Grudge" in December of 1948. A low-level collection and disinformation project named "Blue Book" was formed under Grudge. 16 volumes were to come out of Grudge, including the controversial "Grudge 13" which I and Bill English saw, read, and revealed to the public. "Blue Teams" were put together to recover the crashed discs and dead or alive aliens. The Blue Teams were later to evolve into Alpha Teams under Project Pounce.
During these early years, the United States Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency exercised complete control over the Alien Secret. In fact, the CIA was formed by Presidential Executive Order first as the Central Intelligence Group, for the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence. Later the National Security Act was passed establishing it as the Central Intelligence Agency. The National Security Council was established to oversee the intelligence community and especially the alien endeavor. A series of National Security Council Memos and Executive Orders removed the CIA from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence, and slowly but thoroughly 'legalized' direct action in the form of covert activities at home and abroad.
On December 9, 1947 Truman approved issuance of NSC-4, entitled "Coordination of Foreign Intelligence Information Measures" at the urging of Secretaries Marshall, Forrestal, Patterson, and the director of the State Department's Policy Planning Staff, Kennan.
The Foreign and Military Intelligence Book 1, "Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities," United States Senate, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, Report No. 94-755, April 26, 1976, page 49 states: "This directive empowered the Secretary of State to coordinate overseas information activities designed to counter Communism." A top-secret annex to NSC-4, NSC-4A, instructed the director of Central Intelligence to undertake covert psychological activities in pursuit of the aims set forth in NSC-4. The initial authority given the CIA for covert operations under NSC-4A did not establish formal procedures for either coordinating of approving these operations. It simply directed the DCI to "undertake covert actions and to ensure, through liaison with State and Defense, that the resulting operations were consistent with American policy."
Later the NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were to supersede NSC-4 and NSC-4A and expand the covert abilities even further. The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was chartered to carry out an expanded program of covert activities. NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 validated illegal and extra-legal practices and procedures as being agreeable to the national security leadership. The reaction was swift. In the eyes of the intelligence community "no holds were barred."
Under NSC-10/1 an Executive Coordination Group was established to review, but not approve, covert project proposals. The ECG was secretly tasked to coordinate the alien projects. NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were interpreted to mean that no one at the top wanted to know about anything until it was over and successful. These actions established a buffer between the President and the information. It was intended that this buffer serve as a means for the President to deny knowledge if leaks divulged the true state of affairs. This buffer was used in later years for the purpose of effectively isolating succeeding presidents from any knowledge of the alien presence other than what the Secret Government and the intelligence community wanted them to know.
NSC-10/2 established a study panel, which met secretly and was made up of the scientific minds of the day. The study panel was NOT called MJ-12. Another NSC memo, NSC-10/5 further outlined the duties of the study panel. These NSC memos and secret Executive Orders set the stage for the creation of MJ-12 only 4 years later.
Secretary of Defense James Forrestal began to object to the secrecy. He was a very idealistic and religious man who believed that the public should be told.
When he began to talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of the Congress about the alien problem, he was asked to resign by Truman. He expressed his fears to many people and rightfully believed that he was being watched. This was interpreted (by those who were ignorant of the facts) as paranoia. Forrestal later was said to have suffered a mental breakdown, and was admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital. In fact it was feared that Forrestal would begin to talk again, and he had to be isolated and discredited.
Sometime in the early morning of May 22, 1949 agents of the CIA tied a sheet around his neck, fastened the other end to a fixture in his room, and threw James Forrestal out the window. The sheet tore and he plummeted to his death. He became one of the first victims of the cover-up.
The live alien that had been taken from the 1949 Roswell crash was named EBE. The name had been suggested by Dr. Vannevar Bush and was short for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. EBE had a tendency to lie, and for over a year would give only the desired answer to questions asked. Those questions, which would have resulted in an undesirable answer, went unanswered. At some point during the second year of captivity he began to open up, and the information derived from EBE was startling to say the least. This compilation of his revelations became the foundation of what would later be called the "Yellow Book." (Photographs were taken of EBE which, among others, Bill English and I were to view years later in GRUDGE 13.)
In late 1951 EBE became ill. Medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of EBE's illness, and had no background from which to draw. EBE's system was chlorophyll based, and he processed food into energy much the same as plants. Waste material was excreted the same as plants. It was decided that an expert in botany was called for. A botanist, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza, was brought in to try and help him recover. Dr. Mendoza worked to save EBE until mid-1952 when EBE died. Dr. Mendoza became the expert on alien biology.
The United States (early in 1952) began broadcasting a call for help into the vast regions of space. The call went unanswered, but the project continued as an effort of good faith.
President Truman created the super-secret National Security Agency by secret Executive Order on November 4, 1952. Its primary purpose was to decipher the alien communications and language, and establish a dialog with the aliens. This most urgent task was a continuation of the earlier effort and was code-named SIGMA. The secondary purpose of the NSA was to monitor all communications and emissions from any and all devices worldwide for the purpose of gathering intelligence, both human and alien, and to contain the secret of the alien presence. Project Sigma was successful. The NSA also maintains communications with the Luna base and other Secret Space Programs.
By Executive Order, the NSA is exempt from all laws, which do not specifically name the NSA in the text of the law as being subject to that law. That means that if the agency is not spelled out in the text of any and every law passed by the Congress, it is not subject to that or those laws.
The NSA now performs many other duties, and in fact is the premier agency within the intelligence community. Today the NSA receives 75% of the moneys allotted to the intelligence community. The old saying, "Where the money goes, therein the power resides" is true. The DCI today is a figurehead maintained as a public ruse. The primary task of the NSA is still alien communications but now includes other alien projects as well.
President Truman had been keeping our allies (including the Soviet Union) informed of the developing alien problem since the Roswell recovery. This had been done in case the aliens turned out to be a threat to the human race. Plans were formulated to defend the Earth in case of invasion. Great difficulty was encountered in maintaining international secrecy. It was decided that an outside group was necessary to coordinate and control international efforts, in order to hide the secret from the normal scrutiny of governments by the press.
The result was the formation of a secret society, which became known as the "Bilderburgers." The headquarters of this group is Geneva, Switzerland. The Bilderburgers evolved into a secret world government that now controls everything. The United Nations was then, and is now, an international joke.
In 1953 a new president occupied the White House. He was a man used to a structured staff organization with a chain of command. His method was to delegate authority and rule by committee. He made major decisions but only when his advisors were unable to come to consensus. His normal method was to read through or listen to several alternatives and then approve one. Those who worked closely with him have stated that his favorite comment was, "Just do whatever it takes."
He spent a lot of time on the golf course. This was not at all unusual for a man who had been career Army with the ultimate position of Supreme Allied Commander during the war. A post which carried 5 stars along with it. This president was General of the Army Dwight David Eisenhower.
During his first year in office, 1953, at least 10 more crashed discs were recovered along with 26 dead and 4 live aliens. Of the 10, 4 were found in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 1 in New Mexico, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in Montana, and 1 in South Africa. There were hundreds of sightings.
Eisenhower knew that he had to wrestle and beat the alien problem. He knew that he could not do it by revealing the secret to the Congress. Early in 1953 the new president turned to his friend and fellow member of the Council on Foreign Relations Nelson Rockefeller for help with the alien problem. Eisenhower and Rockefeller began planning the secret structure of alien task supervision, which was to become a reality within 1 year. The idea for MJ-12 was thus born. It was Nelson's Uncle Winthrop Aldrich who had been crucial in convincing Eisenhower to run for president. The whole Rockefeller family and with them the Rockefeller empire had solidly backed Ike. Asking Rockefeller for help with the alien problem was to be the biggest mistake Eisenhower ever made for the future of the United States and most probably all of humanity.
Within 1 week of Eisenhower's election he had appointed Nelson Rockefeller chairman of a Presidential Advisory Committee on Government Organization. Rockefeller was responsible for planning the reorganization of the government. New Deal programs went into 1 single Cabinet position called The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. When the Congress approved the new Cabinet position in April of 1953, Nelson was named to the post of Undersecretary to Oveta Culp Hobby.
In 1953 astronomers discovered large objects in Space, which were moving toward the Earth. It was first believed that they were asteroids. Later evidence proved that the objects could only be spaceships. Project Sigma intercepted alien radio communications. When the objects reached the Earth, they took up a very high orbit around the equator. There were several huge ships, and their actual intent was unknown. Project Sigma, and a new project PLATO (through radio communications using computer binary language) was able to arrange a landing that resulted in face to face contact with alien beings from another planet. Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with this race of space aliens.
In the meantime, a race of human-looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government. This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the equator, and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology, citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology, which we then possessed. They believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other. This race stated that we were on a path of self-destruction, and that we must stop raping the Earth's natural resources and learn to live in harmony.
These terms were met with extreme suspicion, especially the major condition of nuclear disarmament. It was believed that meeting that condition would leave us helpless in the face of an obvious alien threat. We had nothing in history to help with the decision. Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be within the best interest of the United States. The overtures were rejected.
In 1954 the race of large-nosed Gray Aliens which had been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force Base. A basic agreement was reached. This race identified themselves as originating from a planet orbiting a red star (which we called Betelgeuse) in the Constellation of Orion. They stated that their planet was dying, and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there. This led to a second landing at Edwards Air Force Base. The historical event had been planned in advance, and details of the treaty had been agreed upon. Eisenhower arranged to be in Palm Springs on vacation. On the appointed day, the President was spirited away to the base, and the excuse was given to the press that he was visiting a dentist.
President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal treaty between the aliens and the United States of America was signed. We then received our first Alien Ambassador from outer space. His name and title was "His Omnipotent Highness Krlll," pronounced Krill. (In the American tradition of disdain for royal titles, he was secretly called "Original Hostage Krlll.") You should know that the alien flag is known as the "Trilateral Insignia." It is displayed on their craft and worn on their uniforms. Both of these landings and the second meeting were filmed. The films exist today.
The treaty stated, in part, that: The aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on Earth a secret. They would furnish us with advanced technology and would help us in our technological development.
They would not make any treaty with any other Earth nation. They could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of our development, with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, that the humans would have no memory of the event, and that the alien nation would furnish MJ-12 with a list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly scheduled basis.
It was also agreed that each nation would receive the Ambassador of the other for as long as the treaty remained in force. It was further agreed that the alien nation and the United States would exchange 16 personnel, each to the other, with the purpose of learning, each of the other.
The alien "Guests" would remain on Earth and the human "Guests" would travel to the alien point of origin for a specified period of time, then return; at which point a reverse exchange would be made. It was also agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the alien nation, and that 2 bases would be constructed for the joint use of the alien nation and the United States Government. Exchange of technology would take place in the jointly occupied bases.
These alien bases would be constructed under Indian reservations in the 4 corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, and 1 would be constructed in Nevada in the area known as S-4 (located approximately 7 miles south of the western border of Area 51), known as Dreamland. All alien areas are under complete control of the Navy Department and all personnel who work
in these complexes receive their checks from the Navy. Construction of the bases began immediately, but progress was slow until large amounts of money were made available in 1957. Work continued on the "Yellow Book."
Project REDLIGHT was formed, and experimentation in test flying alien craft was begun in earnest. A super TOP SECRET facility was built at Groom Lake in Nevada in the midst of the weapons test range. It was code-named DREAMLAND. The installation was placed under the Department of the Navy, and all personnel were required to have a "Q" clearance as well as Executive (Presidential) approval. This is ironic, due to the fact that the President of the United States does not have clearance to visit the site. The alien base and exchange of technology actually took place in an area known as S-4. Area S-4 was code-named: "The Dark Side of the Moon."
The Army was tasked to form a super secret organization to furnish security for all alien tasked projects. This organization became the National Reconnaissance Organization based at Fort Carson, Colorado. The specific teams trained to secure the projects were called Delta.
A second project code named SNOWBIRD was promulgated to explain away any sightings of the REDLIGHT crafts as being Air Force experiments. The SNOWBIRD crafts were manufactured using conventional technology, and were flown for the press on several occasions. Project SNOWBIRD was also used to debunk legitimate public sightings of alien craft (UFO's). Project SNOWBIRD was very successful, and reports from the public declined steadily until recent years.
A multi-million dollar secret fund was organized and kept by the Military Office of the White House. This fund was used to build more than 75 deep underground facilities. Presidents who asked were told that the fund was used to build Deep Underground Shelters for the President in case of war. Only a few were built for the President. Millions of dollars were funneled through this office to MJ-12, and then out to the contractors, and were used to build TOP SECRET alien bases as well as TOP SECRET DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases), and the facilities promulgated by "Alternative 2" throughout the nation. President Johnson used this fund to build a movie theater and to pave the road on his ranch. He had no idea of its true purpose.
The secret White House underground construction fund was set up in 1957 by President Eisenhower. The funding was obtained from Congress under the guise of "construction and maintenance of secret sites where the President could be taken in case of military attack: Presidential Emergency Sites." The sites are literally holes in the ground deep enough to withstand a nuclear blast, and are outfitted with state-of-the-art communications equipment. To date, there are more than 75 sites spread around the country, which were built using money from this fund. The Atomic Energy Commission has built at least an additional 22 underground sites.
The location and everything to do with these sites were and are considered and treated as TOP SECRET. The money was and is in control of the Military Office of the White House, and was and is laundered through a circuitous web that even the most knowledgeable spy or accountant couldn't follow. As of 1980, only a few at the beginning and end of this web knew what the money was for. At the beginning were Representative George Mahon of Texas, the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and of its Defense Subcommittee; and Representative Robert Sikes of Florida, chairman of the House Appropriations Military Construction Subcommittee.
Today it is rumored that House Speaker Jim Wright controls the money in Congress, and that a power struggle is underway to remove him. At the end of the line were the President, MJ-12, the director of the Military Office, and a commander at the Washington Navy Yard.
The money was authorized by the Appropriations Committee, who allocated it to the Department of Defense as a TOP SECRET item in the Army construction program. The Army, however, could not spend it and, in fact, did not even know what it was for. Authorization to spend the money was in reality given to the Navy. The money was channeled to the Chesapeake Division of the Navy Engineers who did not know what it was for either. Not even the Commanding Officer, who was an Admiral, knew what the fund was to be used for. Only one man, a Navy Commander who was assigned to the Military Office of the White House knew of the actual purpose, amount and ultimate destination of the TOP SECRET fund. The total secrecy surrounding the fund meant that almost every trace of it could be made to disappear by the very few people who controlled it. There has never been and most likely never will be an audit of the secret money.
Large amounts of money were transferred from the TOP SECRET fund to a location near Palm Beach, Florida called Peanut Island, which belongs to the Coast Guard. The island is adjacent to property, which was owned by Joseph Kennedy. The money was said to have been used for landscaping and general beautification. Some time ago a TV news special on the Kennedy assassination told of a Coast Guard Officer transferring money in a briefcase to a Kennedy employee across this property line. Could this have been a secret payment to the Kennedy family for the loss of their son John F. Kennedy? The payments continued through the year 1967 and then stopped. The total amount transferred is unknown, and the actual use of the money is unknown.
Meanwhile, Nelson Rockefeller changed positions again. This time he was to take C. D. Jackson's old position, which had been the Special Assistant for Psychological Strategy. With Nelson's appointment, the name was changed to the Special Assistant for Cold War Strategy. This position would evolve over the years into the same position Henry Kissinger was ultimately to hold under President Nixon.
Officially, Rockefeller was to give "advice and assistance in the development of increased understanding and cooperation among all peoples." The official description was a smoke screen, for he was secretly the Presidential Coordinator for the Intelligence Community. In his new post, Rockefeller reported directly and only to the President. He attended meetings of the Cabinet, the Council on Foreign Economic Policy, and the National Security Council, which was the highest policy-making body in the government.
Nelson Rockefeller was also given a second important job as the head of the secret unit called the Planning Coordination Group, which was formed under NSC 5412/1 in March of 1955. The group consisted of different ad hoc members (depending on the subject on the agenda). The basic members were Rockefeller, a representative of the Department of Defense, a representative of the Department of State, and the Director of Central Intelligence.
It was soon called the "5412 Committee" or the "Special Group." NSC 5412/1 established the rule that covert operations were subject to approval by an executive committee, whereas in the past these operations were initiated solely on the authority of the Director of Central Intelligence.
By secret Executive Memorandum (NSC 5410) Eisenhower had preceded NSC 5412/1 in 1954 to establish a permanent committee (not ad hoc) to be known as Majority Twelve (MJ-12), to oversee and conduct all covert activities concerned with the alien question. NSC 5412/1 was created to explain the purpose of these meeting when Congress and the Press became curious.
MJ-12 was made up of Nelson Rockefeller, the director of Central Intelligence Allen Welsh Dulles, the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Arthur W. Radford, the Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover, and six men from the executive committee of the Council on Foreign Relations known as "The Wise Men." These men were all members of a secret society of scholars that called themselves "The Jason Society," or "The Jason Scholars" who recruited their members from the "Skull and Bones" and the "Scroll and Key" societies of Harvard and Yale.
The "Wise Men" were key members of the Council on Foreign Relations. There were 12 members, including the first 6 from Government positions; thus Majority Twelve. This group was made up over the years of the top officers and directors of the Council on Foreign Relations, and later the Trilateral Commission. Gordon Dean, George Bush and Zbigniew Brzezinski were among them. The most important and influential of the "Wise Men" who served on MJ-12 were John McCloy, Robert Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan, and Dean Acheson. Their policies were to last well into the decade of the 70's.
It is significant that President Eisenhower as well as the first six MJ-12 members from the Government were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Thorough researchers will soon discover that not all of the "Wise Men" attended Harvard or Yale, and not all of them were chosen for "Skull and Crossbones" or "Scroll and Key" membership during their college years. You will be able to quickly clear up this mystery by obtaining the book "The Wise Men" by Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas; Simon and Schuster, New York. Under illustration #9 in the center of the book you will find the caption: "Lovett with the Yale Unit, above far right, and on the beach; his initiation into Skull and Bones came at an air base near Dunkirk." I have found that members were chosen on an ongoing basis by invitation based upon merit (post college) and were not confined to only Harvard or Yale attendees.
A chosen few were later initiated into the Jason Society. They are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and at that time were known as the "Eastern Establishment." This should give you a clue as to the far-reaching and serious nature of these most secret college societies. The Jason Society is alive and well today, and it now includes members of the Trilateral Commission as well. The Trilateralists existed secretly several years BEFORE 1973. The name of the Trilateral Commission was taken from the alien flag symbol known as the Trilateral Insignia.
Majority Twelve was to survive right up to the present day. Under Eisenhower and Kennedy it was erroneously called the "5412 Committee," or more correctly the "Special Group." In the Johnson Administration it became the "303 Committee" because the name 5412 had been compromised in the book "The Secret Government." Actually, NSC 5412/1 was leaked to the author to hide the existence of NSC 5410. Under Nixon, Ford, and Carter it was called the "40 Committee," and under Reagan it became the "PI-40 Committee." Over all those years only the name changed.
By 1955 it became obvious that the aliens had deceived Eisenhower and had broken the treaty. Mutilated humans were being found along with mutilated animals all across the United States. It was suspected that the aliens were not submitting a complete list of human contacts and abductees to MJ-12, and it was suspected that not all abductees had been returned.
The Soviet Union was suspected of interacting with them and this proved to be true. It was learned that the aliens had been and were then manipulating masses of people through secret societies, witchcraft, magic, the occult, and religion. After several Air Force combat air engagements with alien craft it also became apparent that our weapons were no match against them.
In November of 1955 NSC 5412/2 was issued establishing a study committee to explore "all factors which are involved in the making and implementing of foreign policy in the nuclear age." This was only a blanket of snow that covered the real subject of study; the alien question.
By secret Executive Memorandum (NSC 5411) in 1954, President Eisenhower had commissioned the study group to "examine all the facts, evidence, lies, and deception and discover the truth of the alien question." NSC 5412/2 was only a cover that had become necessary when the press began inquiring as to the purpose of regular meetings of such important men. The first meetings began in 954 and were called the Quantico Meetings because they met at the Quantico Marine Base.
The Study group was made up of 35 members of the Council on Foreign Relations' secret scholars known as "The Jason Society" or "The Jason Scholars." Dr. Edward Teller was invited to participate. Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski was the Study Director for the first 8 months. Dr. Henry Kissinger was chosen as the group's Study Director for the second 8 months, beginning in November of 1955. Nelson Rockefeller was a frequent visitor during the meetings.

Gordon Dean, Chairman
Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Study Director - 1st Phase
Dr. Henry Kissinger, Study Director - 2nd Phase
Frank Altschul Maj. Gen. Richard C. Lindsay
Hamilton Fish Armstrong Maj. Gen. James McCormack, Jr.
Hanson W. Baldwin Frank C. Nash
Lloyd V. Berkner Paul H. Nitze
Robert R. Bowie Charles P. Noyes
McGeorge Bundy Frank Pace, Jr.
William A. M. Burden James A. Perkins
John C. Campbell Don K. Price
Thomas K. Finletter I. I. Rabi
George S. Franklin, Jr. David Rockefeller
Lt. Gen. James M. Gavin Oscar M. Ruebhausen
Roswell L. Gilpatric Gen. Walter Bedell Smith
N. E. Halaby Henry DeWolf Smyth
Caryl P. Haskins Dr. Edward Teller
James T. Hill, Jr. Shields Warren
Joseph E. Johnson Carroll L. Wilson
Marvin J. Kelly Arnold Wolfers

The second phase meetings were also held at the Marine base at Quantico, Virginia, and the group became known as Quantico II. Nelson Rockefeller built a retreat somewhere in Maryland which could only be reached by air (for MJ-12 and the study committee) so that they could meet away from public scrutiny. This secret meeting place is known by the code name "The Country Club." Complete living, eating, recreation, library, and meeting facilities exist at the location.
The study group was "publicly" closed in the later months of 1956 and Henry Kissinger published what was officially termed 'the results' in 1957 as "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy" by Henry Kissinger; published for the Council on Foreign Relations by Harper & Brothers, New York. In truth the manuscript had already been 80% written while Kissinger was at Harvard. The study group continued, veiled in secrecy. A clue to the seriousness Kissinger attached to the study can be found in statements by his wife and friends. Many of them stated that Henry would leave home early each morning and return late each night without speaking to anyone or responding to anyone. It seemed as if he were in another world which held no room for anyone else.
These statements are very revealing. The revelations of the alien presence and actions during the study must have been a great shock. Henry Kissinger was definitely out of character during the time surrounding these meetings. He would never again be affected in this manner, no matter the seriousness of any subsequent event. On many occasions he would work very late into the night after having already put in a full day. This behavior eventually led to divorce.
A major finding of the alien study was that the public could not be told, as it was believed that this would most certainly lead to economic collapse, collapse of the religious structure, and national panic which could lead into anarchy. Secrecy thus continued. An offshoot of this finding was that if the public could not be told, then the Congress could not be told either; thus funding for the projects and research would have to come from outside the government. In the meantime, money was to be obtained from the military budget and from CIA confidential non-appropriated funds.
Another major finding was that the aliens were using humans and animals as a source of glandular secretions, enzymes, hormonal secretions, blood, and in horrible genetic experiments. The aliens explained these actions as "necessary to their survival." They stated that their genetic structure had deteriorated, and that they were no longer able to reproduce. They stated that if they were unable to improve their genetic structure their race would soon cease to exist.
We looked upon their explanations with extreme suspicion. Since our weapons were literally useless against the aliens, MJ-12 decided to continue friendly diplomatic relations with them until such time as we were able to develop a technology which would then enable us to challenge them on a military basis. Overtures would have to be made to the Soviet Union and other nations to join forces for the survival of humanity. In the meantime, plans were developed to research and construct 2 weapons systems using conventional and nuclear technology, which would hopefully bring us to parity.
The results of the research were Projects Joshua and Excalibur. Joshua was a weapon captured from the Germans which, at the time, was capable of shattering 4" thick armor plate at a range of 2 miles using low-aimed low frequency sound waves, and it was believed that this weapon would be effective against the alien craft and weapons. Excalibur was a weapon carried by a missile (not to exceed 30,000 feet AGL, not to deviate from designated target more than 50 meters, would penetrate 1,000 meters of tufa - hard-packed soil such as that found in New Mexico, - would carry a 1 megaton warhead), and was intended for use in destroying the aliens in their underground bases. Joshua was developed successfully but never used, to my knowledge. Excalibur was not pushed until recent years, and now there is an unprecedented effort to develop this weapon.
The events at Fatima in the early part of the century were scrutinized. On suspicion that it was alien manipulation, an intelligence operation was put into motion to penetrate the secrecy surrounding the event. The United States utilized its Vatican moles that had been recruited and nurtured during World War II, and soon obtained the entire Vatican study, which included the prophecy. This prophecy stated that if man did not turn from evil and place himself at the feet of Christ, the planet would self destruct and the events described in the Book of Revelations would indeed come to pass. It stated that a child would be born who would unite the world with a plan for world peace and a false religion beginning in 1992.
By 1995 the people would discern that he was evil and was, indeed, the anti-Christ. World War III would begin in the Middle East in 1995 with an invasion of Israel by a United Arab nation using conventional weapons, which would culminate in a nuclear holocaust in the year 1999. Between 1999 and 2003 most of the life on this planet would suffer horribly and die as a result. The return of Christ would occur in the year 2011.
When the aliens were confronted with this finding they confirmed that it was true. The aliens explained that they had created us through hybridization, and had manipulated the human race through religion, Satanism, witchcraft, magic, and the occult. They further explained that they were capable of time travel, and that the events would indeed come to pass.
Later exploitation of alien technology by the United States and the Soviet Union utilizing time travel confirmed the prophecy. The aliens showed a hologram, which they claimed, was the actual Crucifixion of Christ, which the Government filmed. We did not know whether to believe them or not. Were they using our GENUINE religions to manipulate us? Or were they indeed the source of the religions with which they had been manipulating us all along? Or was this the beginning scenario of the genuine END TIMES and the RETURN of CHRIST, which had been predicted in the Bible? No one knew the answer.
A symposium was held in 1957, which was attended by some of the great scientific minds then living. They reached the conclusion that by (or shortly after) the year 2,000 the planet WOULD self-destruct due to increased population and man's exploitation of the environment WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM GOD OR THE ALIENS.
By secret Executive Order of President Eisenhower, the Jason Scholars were ordered to study this scenario and make recommendations from their findings. The Jason Society CONFIRMED the finding of the scientists, and made 3 recommendations called "Alternatives 1, 2, and 3."
"Alternative 1" was to use nuclear devices to blast holes in the stratosphere from which the heat and pollution could escape into space. Change the human cultures from that of exploitation into cultures of environmental protection. Of the three this was decided to be the least likely to succeed, due to the inherent nature of man and the additional damage the nuclear explosions would themselves create.
"Alternative 2" was to build a vast network of underground cities and tunnels in which a select representation of all cultures and occupations would survive and carry on the human race. The rest of humanity would be left to fend for themselves on the surface of the planet.
"Alternative 3" was to exploit the alien and conventional technology in order for a select few to leave the Earth and establish colonies in outer space.
I am not able to either confirm or deny the existence of "Batch Consignments" of human slaves, which would be used for the manual labor in the effort as a part of the plan. The Moon, code named "Adam," would be the object of primary interest followed by the planet Mars, code named "Eve." As a delaying action, ALL THREE ALTERNATIVES included birth control, sterilization, and the introduction of deadly microbes to control or slow the growth of the Earth's population.
AIDS is only ONE result of these plans. There are others. It was decided that since the population must be reduced and controlled, it would be in the best interest of the human race to rid ourselves of the undesirable elements of our society. The joint U.S. and Soviet leadership dismissed "Alternative 1," but ordered work to begin on "Alternatives 2 and 3" virtually at the same time.
In 1959 the Rand Corporation hosted the Deep Underground Construction Symposium. In the Symposium Report, machines are pictured and described which could bore a tunnel 45 feet in diameter at the rate of 5 feet per hour. It also displays pictures of huge tunnels and underground vaults containing what appear to be complex facilities, and possibly even cities. It appears that the previous 5 years of all out underground construction had made significant progress by that time.
The ruling powers decided that one means of funding the alien connected and other black projects were to corner the illegal drug market. A young, ambitious member of the Council on Foreign Relations was approached. His name is George Bush, who (at the time) was the President and CEO of Zapata Oil, based in Texas. Zapata Oil was experimenting with the new technology of offshore drilling. It was correctly thought that the drugs could be shipped from South America to the offshore platforms by fishing boat, where it would then be taken to shore by the normal transportation used for supplies and personnel. By this method no customs or law enforcement agency would subject the cargo to search. George Bush agreed to help, and organized the operation in conjunction with the CIA. The plan worked better than anyone had thought, and has since expanded worldwide. There are now many other methods of bringing the illegal drugs into the country. It must always be remembered, though, that George Bush began the sale of drugs to our children. The CIA now controls all the worlds illegal drug markets.
The "official" Space Program was boosted by President Kennedy in his inaugural address when he mandated that the United States put a man on the Moon before the end of the decade. Although innocent in its conception, this mandate enabled those in charge to funnel vast amounts of money into black projects, and conceal the real space program from the American people. A similar program in the Soviet Union served the same purpose. In fact, a joint alien, United States, and Soviet Union base already existed on the Moon at the very moment Kennedy spoke his words.
On May 22, 1962 a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of an environment, which could support live. Not long afterward the construction of a colony on the planet Mars began in earnest. Today cities exist on Mars populated by specially selected people from different cultures and occupations, taken from all over the Earth. A public charade of antagonism between the Soviet Union and the United States has been maintained over all these years in order to fund projects in the name of National Defense, when in fact we are the closest allies.
At some point President Kennedy discovered portions of the truth concerning the drugs and the aliens. He issued an ultimatum in 1963 to MJ-12. President Kennedy assured them that if they did not clean up the drug problem, he would. He informed MJ-12 that he intended to reveal the presence of aliens to the American people within the following year, and ordered a plan developed to implement his decision. President Kennedy was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and knew nothing of "Alternative 2" or "Alternative 3."
Internationally the operations were supervised by an Executive Committee known as the "Policy Committee." In the United States they were supervised by MJ-12, and in the Soviet Union by its sister organization. President Kennedy's decision struck fear into the hearts of those in charge. His assassination was ordered by the Policy Committee, and the order was carried out by agents of MJ-12 in Dallas.
President John F. Kennedy was murdered by the Secret Service agent who drove his car in the motorcade, and the act is plainly visible in the film. WATCH THE DRIVER AND NOT KENNEDY WHEN YOU VIEW THE FILM. All of the witnesses who were close enough to the car to see William Greer shoot Kennedy were themselves all murdered within 2 years of the event. The Warren Commission was a farce, and the Council on Foreign Relations members made up the majority of its panel. They succeeded in snowing the American people. Many other patriots who attempted to reveal the alien secret have also been murdered throughout the intervening years.
During the era of the United States initial space exploration and the Moon landings, every launch was accompanied by alien craft. A Moon base dubbed Luna was sighted and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. Domes, spires, tall round structures which look like silos, huge "T" shaped mining vehicles which left stitch-like tracks in the Lunar surface, and extremely large as well as small alien craft appear in the photographs. It is a joint United States, Russian, and alien base. The space program is a farce and an unbelievable waste of money. Alternative 3 is a reality; it is not science fiction.
Most of the Apollo astronauts were severely shaken by this experience, and their lives and subsequent statements reflect the depth of the revelations and the effect of the muzzle order, which followed. They were ordered to remain silent or suffer the extreme penalty of death, which was termed "an expediency." One astronaut actually did talk to the British producers of the TV expose' "Alternative 3," confirming many of the allegations.
In the book "Alternative 003" the pseudonym "Bob Grodin" was used in place of the astronaut's identity. It was also stated that he committed suicide in 1978. This cannot be validated by any source, and I believe that several so-called facts in the book are really misinformation.
I firmly believe that this misinformation is a result of pressure put upon the authors, and is meant to nullify the effect upon the populace of the British TV expose'.
The headquarters of the international conspiracy is in Geneva, Switzerland. The ruling body is made up of representatives of the governments involved, as well as the Executive members of the group known as "The Bilderburgers." Meetings are held by the "Policy Committee" (when necessary) on a nuclear submarine beneath the Polar ice cap. The secrecy is such that this was the only method, which would insure that the meetings could not be bugged. I can say that the book is at least 70% true from my own knowledge and the knowledge of my sources. I believe that the misinformation was an attempt to compromise the British TV expose' with information which could be proven false, just as the "Eisenhower Briefing Document" was released here in the United States under the contingency plan "Majestic Twelve," and which can also be proven false.
[This line is missing.]
possession of technology beyond our wildest dreams. A craft named Aurora exists at Area 51, which makes regular trips into space. It is a one stage ship called a TAV (for Trans-Atmospheric Vehicle) and it can take off from the ground using a 7 mile runway, go into high orbit, return on its own power and land on the same runway. We currently have and fly atomic powered alien-type craft at Area S-4 in Nevada. Our pilots have made interplanetary voyages in these craft and have been to the Moon, Mars, and other planets aboard these craft. We have been lied to about the true nature of the Moon, the planets Mars and Venus and the real state of technology that we possess today at this very moment.
There are areas on the Moon where plant life grows and even changes color with the seasons. This seasonal effect is because the Moon does not, as claimed, always present the exact same side to the Earth. There is an area that wobbles in and out of darkness on a seasonal basis, and it is near this area that the plant life grows. The Moon does have a few man-made lakes and ponds upon its surface, and clouds have been observed and filmed in its atmosphere. It possesses a gravitational field, and man can walk upon its surface without a spacesuit, breathing from an oxygen bottle after undergoing decompression the same as any deep-sea diver. I have seen the photographs and some of them were actually published in the book "We Discovered Alien Bases On The Moon" by Fred Steckling.
In 1969 a confrontation broke out between the human scientists and the aliens at the Dulce underground lab. The aliens took many of our scientists hostage. Delta forces were sent in to free them, but were no match against the alien weapons. 66 of our people were killed during this action. As a result, we withdrew from all joint projects for at least 2 years. A reconciliation eventually took place and once again we began to interact. Today the alliance continues.
When the Watergate scandal broke, President Nixon had intended to ride out the storm, confident that he could not be impeached. MJ-12, however, had a different agenda. The intelligence community rightfully concluded that an impeachment trial would open up the files and bare the awful secrets to the public view. Nixon was ordered to resign. He refused, and so the first military coup ever to take place in the United States was promulgated.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff sent a TOP SECRET message to the Commanders of all the U.S. Armed Forces throughout the world. It stated, "Upon receipt of this message you will no longer carry out any orders from the White House. Acknowledge receipt." This message was sent a full 5 days before Nixon conceded and announced publicly that he would resign. I personally saw this message.
When I asked my commanding officer what he would do (since obviously the order violated the Constitution) I was told, "I guess I will wait to see if any orders come from the White House, and then I will decide." I did not see any communication from the White House, but that does not mean that none was sent.
During all the years that this has been happening, the Congress and the American people have seemed to know instinctively that something was not right. When the Watergate scandal surfaced they jumped on the bandwagon, and everyone thought that the agencies would be cleaned out. President Ford organized the Rockefeller Commission to do the job - at least, that is what everyone thought. His real purpose was to head off the Congress and keep the cover-up going. Nelson Rockefeller, who headed the commission investigating the intelligence community, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was the one who, helped Eisenhower build the MJ-12 power structure. Rockefeller uncovered only enough to keep the hounds at bay. He threw the Congress a few bones, and the cover-up rolled merrily along as always.
Later, Senator Church would conduct the famous Church Hearings. He also was a prominent member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and he only repeated the Rockefeller act. Again the cover-up prevailed. When Iran-Contra came along, we thought this time it had to come gushing out. Wrong again. Despite mountains of documents that pointed to drug smuggling and other hidden monsters, the cover-up sailed through. The Congress even seemed to go out of its way to duck the issues that were just under the surface. Could it be that Congress knows the whole thing and won't touch it? Are they among the select few who have been picked for the Mars colonization when the Earth begins to self-destruct?
I cannot even begin to outline the entire financial empire controlled by the CIA, the NSA, and the Council on Foreign Relations (that controls and launders the money from drugs and other intelligence community proprietary ventures) but I can tell you the little that I do know. The amount of money is beyond anything you can imagine, and is hidden in a vast network of banks and holding companies.
You should first begin to look at the J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation, the Schroder Trust Company, Schroders' Limited (London), Helbert Wagg Holdings Limited, J. Henry Schroder - Wagg & Co. Limited, Schroder Gerbruder and Company (Germany), Schroder Munchmeyer Hengst and Company, Castle Bank and its holding companies, the Asian Development Bank, and the Nugan Hand octopus of banks and holding companies.
A contingency plan was formulated by MJ-12 to throw everyone off the trail should they come close to the truth. The plan was known as MAJESTIC TWELVE. It was implemented with the release by Moore, Shandera, and Friedman of the purportedly genuine "Eisenhower Briefing Document." The document is a fraud. The document lists the Executive Order as #092447; a number which does not exist, and which will not exist for quite a long time at the present rate. Truman wrote
Executive Orders in the 9,000 range, Eisenhower wrote in the 10,000 range, Ford was up to the 11,000 bracket, and Reagan got only into the 12,000 numbers. Executive Orders are numbered consecutively - no matter who occupies the White House - for reasons of continuity, record keeping, and to prevent confusion. The Executive Order number is only 1 of several fatal flaws contained within the document.
The plan so far has thrown the entire research community off the trail for several years, and has resulted in the wasted expenditure of money looking for information which does not exist. It resulted in the total waste of a grant by the Fund for UFO Research of $16,000 which was given to Stanton Friedman to research the information. Many thousands of man-hours have gone into looking for a "red herring." If you doubt the secret government's ability to run you through the rose garden, you had better think again.
Another contingency plan is in force and is working upon you today. It is the plan to prepare the public for eventual confrontation with an alien race. The public is being bombarded with movies and radio and TV advertising depicting almost every aspect of the true nature of the alien presence. This includes the good and the bad. Look around and pay attention. The aliens are planning to make their presence known, and the government is preparing you for it so that there will be no panic.
The worst of the 3 contingency plans has also been implemented, and is at work right now. For many years now they have been importing drugs and selling them mainly to the poor and the minorities. Social welfare programs were put in place to create a dependent, non-working element of out society. They then began to remove the social welfare programs, in order to develop a large criminal class (one which did not exist in the 50's and early 60's). They encouraged the
manufacture and importation of deadly military firearms for the criminal element to use. This was intended to foster a feeling of insecurity which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Incidents were to be staged to speed up the process.
By using drugs and hypnosis (in a process called "Orion") on mental patients, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on school yards, and thus to inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well underway, and so far is working exactly as planned. This plan must not succeed.
Due to the wave of crime sweeping the nation, they will convince the American people that a state of anarchy exists within the major cities. They are now building their case almost nightly on TV, and daily in the newspapers. When public opinion has been won over to this idea, they intend to state that a terrorist group armed with a nuclear weapon has entered the United States, and that they plan to detonate this device in one of our cities. The government will then suspend the Constitution and declare martial law.
The secret alien army of implanted humans and all dissidents, which translates into anyone they choose, will be rounded up and will be placed in concentration camps which already exist throughout the country. They are each 1 mile square. Are the people whom they intend to place in these concentration camps destined to make up the reported "batch consignments" of slave labor needed by the Space Colonies?
The media (radio, TV, newspapers, and computer networks) will be nationalized and seized. Anyone who resists will be taken or killed. This entire operation was rehearsed by the government and military in 1984 under the code name REX-84, and it went off without a hitch.
When these events have transpired the SECRET GOVERNMENT and/or ALIEN takeover will be complete. Your freedom will never be returned, and you will live in slavery for the remainder of your life. You had better wake up, and you had better do it now.
Phil Klass is an agent of the CIA and this was stated in the documents, which I saw between 1970 and 1973. One of his jobs as an aviation expert was to debunk everything to do with UFO's. All military commanders were instructed to call him to gain information on how to debunk and/or explain UFO contacts and/or sightings to the public and/or press if and when the need arose.
William Moore, Jaimie Shandera, and Stanton Friedman are either witting (with knowledge) or unwitting (without knowledge) agents of the secret government. I prefer to believe that they are unwitting, although William Moore's reported use of a Defense Investigative Service ID card and his reported self-confession to Lee Graham that he was an agent of the government makes me seriously doubt it, if the reports are true. Lee Graham called me at my home and when asked, he
confirmed that Moore had indeed done this.
Stanton Friedman has told me and many others that years ago he "helped develop a nuclear reactor (to power an aircraft) that was the size of a basketball, was clean, turned out hydrogen, and worked like a dream." His words, not mine. The only fuel which could go into such an engine and produce hydrogen as a by-product is water, and that is precisely what at least one type of alien craft runs on; nuclear energy and water. The only place in the universe at that time to get such technology was from the aliens. Is he really unwitting? I do not know. He was a member of the Moore, Shandera, and Friedman research team, and it was they who implemented the MAJESTIC TWELVE contingency plan.
In the documents which I saw between 1970 and 1973, names of individuals were listed who were to be targeted for recruitment in order that the contingency plan known as MAJESTIC TWELVE could be introduced to the public by persons known and respected by the public. Bruce Macabee, Stanton Friedman, and William Moore were among those listed. I do not know if the recruitment actually took place or not. I do know that the subsequent events do not seem to indicate that
[This line is partially cut off] the actions of Stanton Friedman and William Moore are highly suspect.
I know that all of the major UFO research organizations were targeted for infiltration and control by the secret government, just as NICAP was infiltrated and controlled. I believe that these efforts have been successful. It is very possible that the major UFO publications are also controlled.
Today, MJ-12 still exists and operates just as it always has. It is made up of the same structure; 6 from the same positions in government, and 6 from the Executive Members of the Council on Foreign Relations and/or the Trilateral Commission. The Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence is publicly known as The Senior Interagency Group (SIG).
In closing it is most important to understand that the Council on Foreign Relations and its offshoot the Trilateral Commission not only control but own this country. Long before World War II they were instrumental in helping to decide policy for the United States Government. Since World War II they have been the ONLY source of policy for the United States Government. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and their foreign counterparts report to the Bilderburgers. Almost every high level government and military official of any consequence since World War II including Presidents have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations and/or the Trilateral Commission. All-American members of the Trilateral Commission have either been or are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Each foreign nation of any importance has its own offshoot of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the members of each country interact with those of other countries through the Bilderburgers to further their common goals. The foreign members of the Trilateral Commission belong to their respective organizations.
Even a cursory investigation by the most inexperienced researcher will show that the members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission control the major foundations, all of the major media and publishing interests, the largest banks, all the major corporations, the upper echelons of the government, and many other vital interests. Their members are elected and appointed because they have all the money and special interests behind them. All, that is, except the people's. They are undemocratic, and do not in any way represent the majority of the United States of America. These are the people who will decide who survives the coming holocaust, and who does not.
The Bilderburgers, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission are the SECRET GOVERNMENT, and they rule this nation through MJ-12 and the study group known as the Jason Society (or Jason Scholars) and the top echelon of the government which consists mostly of their members.
Throughout our history the aliens have manipulated and/or ruled the human race through various secret societies and through religion, magic, witchcraft, and the occult. The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission are in complete control of the alien technologies and are also in complete control of the nation's economy. Eisenhower was the last president to know the entire overview of the alien problem. Succeeding presidents were told only what MJ-12 and the intelligence community wanted them to know; and believe me, it was not the truth.
MJ-12 has presented each new president with a picture of a lost alien culture seeking to renew itself, build a home on this planet, and shower us with gifts of technology. In some cases the president was told nothing. Each president in turn has bought the story (or no story at all) hook, line, and sinker. Meanwhile, innocent people continue to suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of the aliens and human scientists who are engaged in barbaric research that would make even the Nazis look like Sunday school children. As if that is not enough, many people end up as food for the insatiable alien appetite for biological enzymes, glandular secretions, hormonal secretions and blood. Many people are abducted and are sentenced to live with psychological and physical damage for the rest of their lives.
In the documents I saw 1 in 40 humans had been implanted with devices, the purpose of which I have never discovered. The government believes that the aliens are building an army of human implants, which can be activated and turned upon us at will. You should also know that - to date - we have not even begun to become close to parity with the aliens. Is this technology worth it?
I sent 536 copies of "A Petition to Indict" to every member of the Senate and House of Representatives on April 26, 1989. As of this date, May 23, 1989, I have only received 2 replies. One reply was from Senator Daniel P. Moynihan and the other from Senator Richard G. Lugar. Both stated that they were sending my correspondence to Senator Cranston and Senator Wilson of California as a normal custom and courtesy. Both assured me that MY senators would promptly assist me in this matter. I have yet to hear from anyone from the State of California, or from any other state for that matter, aside from the two mentioned above.
These conclusions are inescapable:
(1) The secret power structure believes, because of our own ignorance or by Divine Decree, that Planet Earth will self-destruct sometime in the near future. These men sincerely believe that they are doing the right thing in their attempt to save the human race. It is terribly ironic that they have been forced to take on as their partner an alien race which is itself engaged in a monumental struggle for survival.
Many moral and legal compromises have been made in this joint effort. These compromises were made in error and must be corrected, and those responsible should be made to account for their actions. I can understand the fear and urgency that must have been instrumental in the decision not to tell the public. Obviously I disagree with this decision. Throughout history small but powerful groups of men have consistently felt that they alone were capable of deciding the fates of millions, and throughout history they have been wrong. This great nation owes its very existence to the principles of Freedom and Democracy. I believe with all my heart that the United States of America cannot and will not succeed in any effort that ignores these principles. Full disclosure to the public should be made, and we should proceed to save the human race together.
(2) The government has been totally deceived, and we are being manipulated by a joint human/alien power structure, which will result in the partial or total enslavement and/or destruction of the human race. We must use any and every means available to prevent this from happening.
(3) Something else is happening which is beyond our ability to understand at this time. We most force disclosure of all the facts, discover the truth and act upon the truth.
In any case, we MUST force disclosure of the truth or, no matter what happens, we will surely deserve it. The situation in which we find ourselves is due to our own actions or inaction’s over the last 44 years. It is our own fault, and we are the only ones who can change it. Through ignorance or misplaced trust we, as a people, have abdicated our role as the "watchdog" of our government.
Our government was founded "of the people, by the people, and for the people." There was no mention or intent to ever abdicate our role and place our total trust in a handful of men who meet secretly and decide our fate for us. In fact, the structure of our government was designed to prevent that from ever happening. If we had done our jobs as citizens this could never have happened. Most of us are completely ignorant as to even the most basic functions of our government. We have truly become a nation of sheep, and sheep are always eventually led to slaughter. It is time to stand up in the manner of our forefathers and walk like men. I remind you all that the Jews of Europe marched obediently to the ovens, even after having been warned, believing all the while that the facts could not possibly be true. When the outside world was told of the holocaust occurring in Hitler's Europe it was not believed. I state here and now that Hitler was manipulated by these same aliens.
I have brought you the truth, as I know it. I do not care what you think of me. I have done my duty, and no matter what more lies in store for me, I can truly meet my maker with a clear conscience. I believe first in God; the same God that my ancestors believed in. I believe in Jesus Christ and that he is my Savior. I believe second in the Constitution of the United States of America as it was written and meant to work. I have given my oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. I intend to fulfill that oath.
Thank you,
Milton William Cooper
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I have been aided by the personal research of John Lear, Linda Howe, Bill English, William Stienman, Paul Sheppard, Roger Scherrer, Don Ecker, Tal LeVesque, Leonard Stringfield, Ron Regehr, sources who must remain unnamed, and many others who have so freely shared the results of their labor with me. I extend to you my deepest appreciation and a very warm friendship. Thank you all.
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