Thursday, July 12, 2007

An Open Mind

There are two kinds of minds. One is an open mind. Another is a closed mind. A closed mind says, “This is how it is, I know it, and that is it.” A closed mind gets hardened. An open mind says, “Maybe, perhaps. I do not know.” Whenever you seem to understand a situation and you label it, “I know this is how it is,” that is the beginning of your problem. Problems always arise from thinking you know, but not knowing. If you do not know, your mind is open, you say, “Oh, maybe, something, perhaps, I don’t know.” You wait. You cannot label something when you say you do not know.
Whenever you think an injustice has been made to you, or whenever you think you are suffering, or you think you are a victim, this all falls under the category of “I know it. This is how things are.” Whenever we attach a label “not good,” it comes from knowledge. Suffering is a product of limited knowledge. A question is a sign of limited knowledge. When there is amazement—patience, joy, you are in a state of “I don’t know,” life shifts from the limited “I know,” to a state of all possibilities.
Thinking you know the world is the biggest problem. This is not just one world. There are many layers in this world. When you are upset, you are upset for a reason. There is some other string that is being pulled. When your mind is open for all possibilities and an event happens, there could be many possibilities for that event to be that way. The possibilities are not just in the gross field of existence, there could be some other causes which are more subtle.
Suppose you come home and find your roommate has made a big mess in your apartment. You start feeling very irritated. You think the reason, the cause for your anger, is because of your roommate and the mess, but there could be something more going on, something happening in the subtle space. Perhaps there has been some anger that created vibrations in that space. At that moment, something else is in the air, but you could only see that person creating a mess around you, and you attribute all your anger to that person. This is what limited knowledge does.
When we attach the emotions to individuals, the cycle continues and you will never be free from that. There is a step we can take to free ourselves of this cycle. First, detach the emotion from the person and the event to the space or time. This is the science called astrology. Astrology is the knowledge of oneness of the universe.
If a pin is pricked into your hand, your whole body, everything in the body knows it, feels it, right? Just one pin prick in your hand is felt by the entire system. Every cell is connected with the whole of you. In the same way, everybody is connected to the whole entirety of creation, and to everyone else. At a very subtle level there is only one life in this universe. Though it appears to be many on the gross level, when you go deeper and deeper there is only one existence, one divine.
The wise never label individuals, for in the wise eye, individual existence ceases. Yes, on one level there is all dealings, individuals, everybody is different, they’re young, old, intelligent, wise and dull and all types. On one level we have different types, but on a deeper level there is only you. Only you and nothing else.
You are never given a problem that you cannot handle. Every problem that comes in front of you is to make you realize the abilities you have, how much more you can bring out of yourself. How much more skill, talent, joy that you can bring forth. This is what shows. Problems make our mind, our intelligence function. When do we really need intelligence? When there is a problem. If there were no problems, we could be like cows. Cows have no problems. They eat the grass, and drink water, and sleep. Like that, if your life is so smooth, without anything challenging you, you will just eat, and sleep, and become duller and duller. The Divine has given you such a brain to use to be alert, and every problem is there to make use of this brain.
Instead we do the reverse. Either we don’t use this brain, and get into more complications, or we use our brain to get more complications rather than solving them! If we have a problem, instead of looking at the solution, we keep looking how big the problem can be, or what worse can happen. Do not return this brain back to God unused.
What do you consider failure? Often what you consider as failure, a little later on turns out to be success. As a child you wanted to be a truck driver. When you grew up, you were forced to become a doctor and then you realized this was a good choice. Look back and see the situations that appeared to be failures was due to a short-sighted vision. In the long run, every failure has contributed to your growth, or made you stronger and more centered. Every failure has contributed in a very positive manner somewhere deep inside you. It’s very interesting. You have to look at the situation through a different eye.
Though there is only one sun, this sun can enter any number of houses in the town. Can you say, “Because the sun has come through this window to this house, how can it be in the next house?” This is the logic of a small mind. There is a natural desire in you to be someone special. Each one wants to be someone special, and closer. I am telling you, you are already! You are very special, very unique, and very dear, irrespective of what you do, and where you are. It doesn’t matter.

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