Friday, September 14, 2007

Dream Teachings

Dream teachings, visions of guidance, and inspirations are all best achieved by entering sleep time or periods of meditation with the proper goals held foremost in your mind. Great shamans and master teachers of many spiritual paths have taught that the force of the Great Mystery [God, the Source-of-All-That-Is] penetrates into each soul, making each soul a part of it. When alone with their thoughts, the ancient ones listened and heard the Silence of the Great Mystery. They listened and saw the Silence. They listened and tasted the Silence. They closed their eyes and felt the Silence deep within.
Prior to your seeking a dream teaching, sit or lie quietly and concentrate on feeling the energy of the Silence touch you.
Feel the energy focus on your spiritual center (visualized for mental assistance as your Crown Chakra, the top of your head) and in your physical center (visualized for mental assistance as your Heart Chakra, the center of your chest).
Take three comfortably deep breaths and know that the sacred energy of the Silence has permeated the spiritual and physical centers of your own essence.
Be still--within and without--and know that the power of the Silence has entered all levels of your consciousness and all levels of your being.
Take three more comfortably deep breaths, holding each for the count of three. Feel at one with the essence of the Silence that has blended with you.
Now visualize a bright, golden glow emanating from your Heart Chakra and your Crown Chakra. In your mind, visualize two rays of golden light traveling from your Heart Chakra and your Crown Chakra to your personal concept of a Supreme Being, the Great Mystery, the Source-of-All-That-Is.
See those rays of golden light from your Heart Chakra and your Crown Chakra traveling to the very Heart of the Universe. As the connection is made between your Heart Chakra, your Crown Chakra, and the Source, see points of violet light emanating from every part of your body.
Concentrate for a moment on making your body as still as possible. Direct your attention to the Source, the great Mystery, and focus upon the ravs of golden light that emanate from your Heart Chakra and your Crown Chakra.
See clearly the rays of light that you are transmitting to the Source.
Feel your consciousness melding with Higher Consciousness and visualize yourself holding open hands to the Source, as if in supplication.
Now begin to request a positive dream teaching from the Highest Source-of-All-That-Is.
Mentally affirm the following (or create your own variation in keeping with the essence of the following supplication):
“0 Great Mystery (or whatever term for the Supreme Being you may prefer), grant to me a dream teaching that will inspire me with strength, energy, and great creative power.
“Grant that the dream teaching I receive will show me those things that I need to know for my good and my gaining and the accomplishment of worthy tasks on Earth.”
Visualize the Source, the Great Mystery, as the eternally powerful energy that creates the golden glow emanating from Your Heart Chakra and your Crown Chakra.
The more clearly, the more profoundly you can visualize this connection, the greater the results of your prayer for a dream teaching.

Expanding Your Consciousness Prior to Receiving Dream Teachings

Here is an excellent technique that will help you to expand your consciousness just before falling sleep and receiving dream teachings.
Visualize a pool of water before you.
Visualize the pool wherever you would most wish it to be--perhaps in a forest or at the foot of a majestic mountain or in your own backyard.
See yourself tossing a pebble into the pool and allow your consciousness to become one with the ripples that spread across the pool.
See the ripples of your consciousness moving farther and farther across the surface of the pool.
And now visualize your consciousness rippling from the center of the pool toward the farthest horizon, moving, moving onward, until your ripples have touched the farthest horizon and turned back to form a great circle.
You are in the center of this great circle, continuing to send forth ripples of consciousness.
You are in the center of a great circular pool of cosmic energy, and your ripples are now touching all the farthest points of the horizon--east, west, north, south.
You are now aware of yourself only as a focal point in the midst of the great pool of Time, the great pool of Creative Energy.
Open your heart and spirit to the blessings that will continue to return from the ripples that circle back from each horizon. Let your spiritual essence linger in the great pool of Creative Energy.
Receive ripple after ripple of greater consciousness returning to the very center of your awareness as you permit yourself to fall asleep to receive profound dream teachings that will enrich your life on earth.

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