Friday, September 14, 2007

Negative Entities

Visualize the Golden Light of Protection
If you sense an unseen presence that has left you feeling frightened and disoriented, immediately visualize a Golden Light of Protection forming itself around you. Calm yourself by saying, as you inhale, "I am." On the outbreath, say, 'relaxed.’" Repeat this process a number of times until you feel yourself becoming calmer and more centered.
"I am," asserts your sovereignty and your uniqueness as an individual entity. "Relaxed" positively affirms your calm condition and establishes that you are in control of the situation.
Now visualize the image or energy of a holy figure you hold in high esteem. This can be an angel, a spirit guide, a saint, a prophet, an avatar, a master teacher. See that holy figure taking your hand and standing beside you. Feel strength, born of love, swell within your being.
Know and understand that your Golden Light of Protection and the love and power of the holy figure have built an impenetrable barrier between you and the negative unseen entity.
Surrounding Yourself with a Positive Energy Field
If you should sense the presence of negative entities in your environment, practice this exercise. Immediately visualize yourself slamming a door between you and the negative presence.
Next, visualize a golden energy of light moving upward from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head. See it moving over your legs, your hips, your chest, your neck, right up to the top of your head. Then see the energy cascading down around you in sparks of golden light, as if you are being enveloped by the shimmering, sparkling outpouring of a spiritual roman candle.
Impress upon your consciousness that those “sparks” of golden light represent a vibrant, positive energy field that surrounds you and forms a vital protective shield against all discordant and negative entities.
A Prayer for Protection from Negative Entities
If you should suddenly find yourself in the presence of a seen or unseen entity that appears to be frightening or threatening to you, immediately respond by saying the following prayer:
“O Beloved [say here the name of the holy figure you most revere] send your protective energies of light and love around me at once.
"Erect a shield of love and light around me that is invincible, all powerful, and unable to be penetrated by any negative or evil force.
"Keep me completely protected from all things that are not of the Light or of God.
"Hold me immune from the energy of all negative, evil, or hostile beings.
"Banish at once the entity that I see [feel, hear, smell] before me!"
A Prayer for Renewed Strength and Energy
Many people who have encountered entities from the Unseen World have reported that they suddenly felt themselves drained of energy and strength. If you should sense or perceive a negative entity or energy in your environment and experience a sudden energy drain, say the following prayer:
"Beloved Light Being [or the name of a holy figure, your angelic guide, or your concept of God or Divinity] fill me with your great strength.
"Charge me with your light and your love.
"Rejuvenate each of my vital body functions with your strength and holy energy.
"Empower me with your might.
"Hold me now and always in the shelter of your love.
"Keep me always aware of your guidance and your direction.
"Empower me with your strength to banish all energies of negativity from my presence."
Cleansing Your Home of Negative Entities
Here is a ritual that many individuals have used on a daily basis until their home feels purged of negative energy.
Call for the Golden Light of Protection and ask that your angelic/spirit guide or guardian connect you to the highest vibration of your concept of the Great Mystery, the Source of All that Is, Divinity, God. Visualize the light moving over you in a wave of warmth. See it touching every part of your body (and the bodies of any others present). Feel it interacting with your spirit (and the spirits of all others who are present).
Say aloud to your angel, spirit guide, or holy figure:
"Beloved [name of your guide, guardian angel, or holy figure] , assist me in calling upon the highest of energies from Divinity. Provoke the law of harmony for myself [and for any others with you] and for all of us of mortal clay who have found ourselves in a dark place of shadows that resists the Light. Permit the healing light of transformation to move around and through this place of dwelling.
"Allow the transforming energy to purify and to elevate all negative energies, all improper memories, all entities of evil purpose, all spirits who delight in wrongdoing, all vibrations that encourage impure desires.
"Direct the transforming energy to replace all darkness with light. Remove all chaotic energies and replace them with the purest of energies, the power of love, and the glory of all good and benevolent spirits.
"0 [your concept of God or Divinity], bless us with light so that we go forth on this new day of cleansing rejuvenated with perfect health, joy, illumination, and wisdom. Amen!"
A Word of Caution:
Within the dimensions of the Unseen World there exist some entities that are bewildered, uncertain as to what occurred to them when death came. Others are still attached to people or places in our dimension of reality, and they wish to return to our material existence.
Those entities in the darkest regions of what some may term the Shadow World are often filled with anger at finding themselves in a bleak and hostile domain of their own making. They try in every way to affect and to influence the minds and lives of all those living persons who will receive them. They wish to possess the living so that they might escape the hell of their own creation. It is such entities as these who are referred to as "demons."
Whenever men and women lose control of their minds and their bodies through immoderate use of alcohol or drugs they recklessly open themselves to contact with these chaotic entities.
Whenever men and women choose to go about their daily activities emanating low-level vibrations of hate, jealousy, greed, or revenge, they make themselves vulnerable to contact with entities from the most chaotic regions of Shadow World.
You should avoid providing these negative entities easy access to your psyche by injudiciously practicing such occult exercises as working with the Ouija Board or attempting on your own to contact spirits of the dead.

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