Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ouija Boards and Jungian Synchronicity

You walk into a book store by chance, as your casually strolling down the isles, the book you weren’t looking for , but needed, falls from the shelf practically hitting your feet. You end a bad relationship, and suddenly you meet that special someone, as if it were meant to be. Your thinking about someone you haven’t spoken too in a long time, and suddenly the phone rings, you notice on the caller ID that it’s the person whom you were thinking about!

Your conversing with a total stranger on the subway, when you are overwhelmed with a deep sense of deja-vu, you seem to sense that you had been there before, and had the exact same conversation. You awaken precisely nano-seconds before the alarm goes off. This occurs often, but at random times. You and a close friend are talking when there is a pause, and then you both say a word at the exact same time! These are examples of Synchronicity at work.

The Laws of Attraction hint that thoughts influence chance. That these thoughts influence matter outside the head, either consciously or sub-consciously, and cannot be explained by logical reasoning. The Law of Attraction says that which is like unto itself is drawn.

Skeptics rely on buzz words like Pareidolia, and Apophenia, to debunk most claims of supernatural and paranormal experience. At one time I too rested comfortably on the bending fence of skepticism. It took my own personal experiences to convince me of ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural realm.

Carl Jung had a deep and long-standing interest in the occult, and his esoteric beliefs had a wide impact on his work. Jung coined the term “collective unconscious” to refer to that part of a person’s unconscious which is common to all human beings, as opposed to personal unconscious, which is unique to each individual. According to Jung the collective unconscious contains archetypes, which are forms or symbols that are manifested by all people in all cultures.

The concept of collective unconscious relates to the Spiritual model of living beings consisting of individuated parts of Spirit encased in physical form. Like island in the sea we appear as distinct individuals, but beneath the surface we are all connected.

Jung created the term synchronicity to describe the alignment of “universal forces” with the life experiences of an individual. Jung believed that many experiences perceived as coincidences were not merely due to chance, but instead reflected the creation of an event or circumstance by the “co-inciding” or alignment of such forces.

The process of becoming intuitively aware and acting in harmony with these forces is what Jung labeled “individuation.” Jung said that an individuated person would actually shape events around them through the communication of their consciousness with the collective unconscious.

Jung spoke of synchronicity as being an “acausal connecting principle” (ie. a pattern of connection that is not explained by causality).

The laws of chance dictate that coincidences sometimes occur naturally. However, upon reflection we have probably all had experiences that seem to defy the laws of chance. For instance, what is the statistical probability of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon coinciding so seamlessly into The Wizard of Oz?

Jung used Ouija Boards, Oracles, and helped establish that within the framework of the human mind, there exists parallels that defy scientific rationalities.

The skeptics scoff at the thought of spirit communication thru Ouija Boards, dismissing it as a result of tapping into our subconscious, causing our arms to move the planchette thru the Ideomotor Effect.

Aleister Crowley said that the Demons of The Goetia existed within the human brain. Perhaps the subconscious is aware of demonic forces, and communicates with non-living entities through what Jung described as “archetypes” of the subconscious. One of these Archetypes he referred to as ” The Trickster,” and is capable of marked deception similar to the deceiving nature of the discarnate beings summoned by spirit board phenomena.

I have witnessed Ouija Board participants who were able to spell words very quickly and accurately while blindfolded. The questions asked were directed around the subject of King Arthur, whom the middle school children knew nothing about. They were able to answer questions straight out of an encyclopedia with astonishing accuracy.

Serial killers/rapists often talk about the “voices in their head” that prompted them to commit heinous crimes. Those “voices” I believe, are telepathic messages from sadistic demons in the Spirit; they are not being generated from an area of the brain. The part of the brain where the voices are being “recorded” is only the final receiving end of the transmission. A soul in a body is likened to a radio. Most know that the music does not originate from the box but is appears to do so to those who are uninformed.

It has been demonstrated that thoughts by themselves can create poltergeists, or “Tulpas” that have the ability to disrupt our lives and cause unexplainable phenomena. My research into what I coined The Zozo Spirit Phenomena has taught me an important lesson, to approach all things with an open mind, to help see the forest thru the trees. The skeptics continue to assault me from all angles, and I smile when the phone rings, I check the caller ID, and I see synchronicity playing the mysterious strings within the Violin of life.

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